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watch james bond: specter (2015) sub indo

Curious about Daniel Craig's story as agent 007? Come on, watch Specter (2015) with Indonesian subtitles here! (Full Movie).

Offering suspenseful stories and scenes, action films are always able to hypnotize the audience, including films Specter this.

It is the 24th film in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions, the film directed by Sam Mendes became the most anticipated film when it was released in November 2015.

So what kind of story does this Specter film offer? Come on, see the full synopsis below!

Specter Movie Synopsis

Still played by the same main character as the previous James Bond film series, the film Specter tells the story of the adventures of a legendary British secret agent named James Bond (Daniel Craig).

Amid the crowds of the 'Day of the Dead' parade held in Mexico, James Bond causes chaos when he tries to thwart a terrorist bombing attempt.

As a result, shootouts and fist fights are unavoidable, Bond tries to board a helicopter and defeats the man.

Upon his return to London, Bond was suspended from field duty indefinitely by headquarters because what he had done was not an order from his new boss. M (Ralph Fiennes).

However, a message recorded by the old M asking Bond to hunt down an Italian terrorist named Marco Sciarra, forced him to return to the field and fight alone to eradicate the evil group.

The events that occurred in Mexico gave him clues about the existence of a secret terrorist organization called SPECTRE.

Can Bond dismantle and destroy the SPECTRE organization?

Specter Movie Interesting Facts

Offering stories and action scenes that are no less thrilling than the previous James Bond film series, this Hollywood film certainly has some interesting facts behind the manufacturing process.

Want to know anything? Here are some interesting facts about the Specter movie.

  • Specter is an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion; a criminal organization led by Franz Oberhauser.

  • Specter is the most expensive James Bond film with an estimated production cost of over $300 million dollars.

  • The film Specter was shot in five countries; Mexico, Italy, Austria, Morocco and UK.

  • Bond girl Linda Sciarra, played by Monica Bellucci, is the oldest bond girl in the history of James Bond films.

  • This film is Daniel Craig's fourth time playing James Bond.

Nonton Film Specter (2015)

Reviews (Number of Reviewers)6.8 (360.244)
Duration2 hours 28 minutes


Release DateNovember 6, 2015
DirectorSam Mendes
PlayerDaniel Craig

L a Seydoux

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch the Specter movie for free below, gang. Check it out!

>>>Watch Specter (2015) Indo Sub<<<

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the 24th film of the James Bond film series, entitled Specter, gang.

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