10 fastest & free credit generating apps 2021

The best credit generating application with the fastest liquid guarantee in 2021. Must install! Guaranteed easy and just register to use it!

Credit-generating applications are increasingly available and you can download them for free. Do you really want to get free credit for only an Android cellphone?

Currently, you can get free credit by simply running various tasks from certain applications and the credit prizes that will await you.

However, which applications are really works? Well, this time, ApkVenue will provide recommendations the fastest credit generator app 2021 which you must try. Come on, see more!

In the article about the credit-generating application that ApkVenue will review this time, you will be asked to perform various tasks. Like filling out a survey on line, install an app, or just read the news.

Obviously, here all you need is a device smartphone Android, internet quota, stable network, and your will to do it. Just that!

Instead of lingering, here's a review free credit app 2021, complete with each of its advantages and disadvantages. Ready?

1. Cashtree

Photo source: Cashtree via Play Store

The first recommendation is Cashtree which has proven to be one of the credit-generating applications that you can try in 2021.

You can easily get free credits by collecting coins by opening lockscreen and open the app, gang.

Without having to spend extra energy, you can get free credit by following the method applied by this one application.


  • Choice redeem not only credit, there are vouchers, gadgets, and others.
  • The credit disbursement process is quite fast.


  • There are still some minor bugs in the application.
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Ratings (Google Play)3.9/5.0

Download the Cashtree app here:



Photo source: JAKPAT via Play Store

Opinion poll or commonly known JAKPAT is an application made by Jakpat Team. To get points, you just need to fill out a survey on line provided.

The survey that you will fill will not ask complicated things. Just answer according to the actual situation, and after that you can immediately get points.

If the points are fully charged, then you can exchange them for several things, such as free credit, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, donations, and much more.

So if you are looking for the fastest credit generating application, without inviting friends, JAKPAT is the best choice that Jaka recommends, gang.


  • Choice redeem coins can choose between pulses, vouchers, movie tickets, gadgets, or donations.
  • The process of earning enough money through easy surveys.


  • It is necessary to answer correctly, because the survey validation process is quite strict.
DeveloperJAKPAT Team
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.3/5.0

Download the JAKPAT application here:

Apps Productivity JAKPAT Team DOWNLOAD

3. CashPop

Photo source: CashPop via Play Store

Application CashPop - Free Gift is an application made by the developer CashPop that is ready to give you many advantages, gang.

With this one pulse-producing application, you can collect a lot of Gold which can later be exchanged for various prizes; Such as Telkomsel simPATI credit, Kartu As, AXIS, Indosat Ooredoo, Tri, Smartfren, and PLN Tokens.

You can also get a Gold bonus by inviting your friends to use the application to get this free credit, and entering the code referrals yours. Look like best money making site!


  • Feature referrals which is proven to be effective for getting multiple benefits.
  • Application registration is relatively easy compared to others.


  • Does not support pre-installed HProot or without a SIM card.
DetailsCashPop - Free Credit
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.6/5.0

Download the CashPop - Free Credit application here:

Apps Productivity CashPop DOWNLOAD

4. PopSlide: Cashback, Discounts, Free Credit

Photo source: YOYO HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. via Play Store

You like shopping on line you can also try the application PopSlide: Cashback, Discounts, Free Credit. Here, you can perform various tasks, such as install app and invite friends.

Collect points in the fastest and easiest credit generating application 2020 by doing various tasks that are very easy to complete, gang.

Now, for the first balance withdrawal, PopSlide applies a minimum balance IDR 10,000,-. However, on the next redemption, the minimum balance that can be withdrawn becomes free IDR 5,000,- just lol!


  • There are a variety of different tasks that can be performed.
  • Supports almost all cellular operators in Indonesia.


  • There are several minor bugs in the application.
DetailsPopSlide: Cashback, Discounts, Free Credit
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.2/5.0

Download the PopSlide application: Cashback, Discounts, Free Credit here:


5. Read Plus

Photo source: News In Palm (NIP) via Play Store

The next application to get free credit is Read Plus. This app prepares rewards for its users just by reading the news.

Later, you will get a balance every time you read and share news, then you can exchange that balance for prizes such as credit.

Another way that you can also do to increase your balance coffers is to be absent and invite friends via chat applications so that they can download Baca Plus too.


  • Earn coins with login daily, read news and share and invite friends.
  • The news presented is accurate with a wide selection of categories.


  • customer service sometimes unresponsive.
DetailsRead Plus
DeveloperNews In Palm (NIP)
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Ratings (Google Play)4.2/5.0

Download the Baca Plus app here:

Apps Utilities News in Palm (NIP) DOWNLOAD

6. NewSaku

Photo source: TUBAGUS via Play Store

Still the same as before, NewPocket is a news-reading application with wages in the form of tokens. Only by reading the news you can get free credit.

For those of you who are really diligent in reading, it's really fitting to download this one pulse-generating APK because your hobby will be paid for with credit by them.

You can exchange the tokens that have been collected for real money to be transferred. In addition, you can also exchange your tokens for credit, you know!


  • Earn coins with login daily, read news and share and invite friends.


  • There are several minor bugs in the application.
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Ratings (Google Play)3.5/5.0

Download the NewSaku app here:

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

7. Snapcart

Photo source: Snapcart via Play Store

Jaka is sure that you have known about the application Snapcart this. An application that can make your shopping receipts valuable.

Snapcart will detect shopping receipts and convert them into points. Your points can be exchanged for many prizes, ranging from real money, vouchers, to credit.

This free money-making application and credit is also quite easy to use. You just take a photo of the shopping receipt and Snapcart will detect it.

Once verified, you will automatically get cashback which can be exchanged for gifts, gang. Very easy, right?


  • In the process of getting money, all you have to do is take a photo of the receipt and fill out a few short surveys.


  • Currently, the amount of money exchange is relatively small when compared to before.
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Ratings (Google Play)3.9/5.0

Download the Snapcart app here:

Apps Productivity Snapcart DOWNLOAD

8. Nusaresearch

Photo source: W&S Holding Joint Stock Company via Play Store

Well, if Nusaresearch this will give you a reward by filling out a survey, quiz, and campaign, gang.

Every survey you take will earn you points. Points in this iOS and Android credit-generating application can be exchanged for a variety of very attractive prizes.

The prizes you get include credit, GO-PAY balances, LINE stickers, and many more. Come on, hunt for pulses in this application!


  • Support redeem in forms other than credit, such as PayPal, GO-PAY, LINE stickers, and vouchers.
  • The credit disbursement process is quite fast.


  • There are several minor bugs in applications, especially on the latest Android OS.
DeveloperW&S Holding Joint Stock Company
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.0/5.0

Download the Nusaresearch application here:


9. NewsCat

Photo source: NewsCat Developer via Play Store

Next there is NewsCat, pulse-generating application through cash which you can get by just reading the news from within this MOD pulse generator APK.

You can read various types of news from various categories, such as news about finance to travel, gang.

You will get Mall Points when you read the news and you can exchange these points into sweepstakes with rupiah prizes.

In addition, you can also collect points through friend invitations. Of course, this method is safer than reckless doing the pulse hack!


  • Earn coins with login daily, read news and share and invite friends.


  • There are several minor bugs in the application.
  • Must invite friends to be able to withdraw credit.
DeveloperNewsCat Developer
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Ratings (Google Play)3.3/5.0

Download the NewsCat app here:

Apps Productivity NewsCat DOWNLOAD

10. Surveyon

Photo source: Marketing Applications via Play Store

If you have a lot of free time, there's nothing wrong with filling out surveys on line. Here, you can try the app Surveyon who will pay you, lol.

The more you fill out the survey on line, the more income that can be obtained. Especially with push notifications, you will not miss the latest survey, deh.

The points you collect through this online survey application you can later cash out to get free credit. Interested to try?


  • There are various survey options with different levels of difficulty to get more credit points.


  • There are several minor bugs in the application.
  • The credit disbursement process is quite long, but it has been proven to pay off.
DeveloperMarketing Applications
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above
Ratings (Google Play)3.7/5.0

Download the Surveyon app here:


That's some the best pulse generator application on Android phones which can be used to get pulses and money for free.

In addition to credit, Jaka has also discussed money-making applications to credit-producing games that can be an alternative for you to find additional income.

From the range of applications above, which one have you tried, gang? Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below, OK? See you in the next article!

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