10 best android game cheat apps 2021

You can find the best game cheat applications here. Here's the download link for the online & offline Android game cheat APK. Guaranteed win! (update 2021)

Cheat app Online or offline games are certainly no stranger to gamers. That's right, right?

Although it is quite risky, it cannot be denied that the application cheater This kind of thing is often the alternative that many people choose because it has proven to be effective.

Application cheater games this will basically modify a number of game elements, such as making coins unlimited, make characters immune, unlock locked items, and so on.

Usually to use it, you need a little knowledge of Android. Because not infrequently some cheat APKs require access root to use it.

Instead of bothering to download cheats for all games, it's better to use Jaka's recommended application. So, let's take a look at the list below!


JalanTikus is not responsible if your game account isbanned as a result of exploiting the app cheats games below. All risks are borne by the user.

1. HackerBot APK

First there HackerBot APK which is basically not an app hack Android games, but rather a place to find mod games from trusted sites.

Take it easy, any app or game mod provided by HackerBot APK generally can work well, even on devices without root.

In addition, HackerBot will also provide features Custom Search Engine so you can find mod more easily and accurately.

HackerBot APK Features:

  • Has a search engine feature to search for applications/games mod on the Internet.
  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • Only recommend trusted sites to download files mod (ad-free and malware).
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download the HackerBot App here

Apps Utilities HackerBot DOWNLOAD

2. Game Guardian (Most Popular)

In addition to Lucky Patcher, applications hackGame Guardian arguably the most popular cheat application lately.

In this cheat APK, you can edit the number of coins to unlimited or open unlockable items for free lol.

Although you can download it for freeUnfortunately, the Game Guardian application is quite complicated to use.

Because at least you have to understand script with programming language in it and access root to operate it.

Game Guardian features:

  • User interface that is easy to understand even if you have to have a special understanding of programming languages.
  • Can work well in games on line and games offline.
DetailsGame Guardian
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3.3 and above

Download the Game Guardian App here

Apps Developer Tools Game Guardian DOWNLOAD

3. Creehack

Next there is Creehack which is widely used to get items for free. APK hack This game is very easy to use without the need for many complicated conditions, gang.

Especially Creehack can be used without access root on the device. Here you can simply download, install, and run Creehack to start shopping for your favorite items.

Unfortunately this game hacker application only works on games offline just. Maybe in games too on line the application does not work and there is a risk banned on the account you are using.

Creehack Features:

  • Can make free in-app purchases of games, especially games without internet.
  • Works by being an emulator for payment methods via Google Play.
DeveloperCreehack APK Inc
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download the Creehack App here

Apps Productivity Creehacks DOWNLOAD

4. Lucky Patcher (Root & No Root)

Who doesn't know this best online game cheat APK? Lucky Patcher most in demand by many users, moreover it can be used without the need root device.

However, there are some features that can only be used on pre-installed devices.root just. Basically, Lucky Patcher will do the process patching on Android games.

Here you are can change paid apps or trial be full version easily. Unfortunately Lucky Patcher only works on some games.

But, if you want to download it as a Mobile Legends cheat application, you can, gang!

Unfortunately, if the app or game gets updates, then the result application patches completely unable to work again. You need to do the process patches from the start again.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Creating apps or games mod easily and quickly.
  • Patch Ads feature to remove the display of ads in Android applications.
  • Purchase Emulation feature to create paid apps and trial be the full version.
DetailsLucky Patcher
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3.2 and above

Download the Lucky Patcher Application here

Apps Utilities Lucky Patcher DOWNLOAD

5. MacroDroid

Then there is a cheat hack game APK named MacroDroid which is quite safe from the risk of the game account beingbanned.

Here you will only create a bot which works automatically and effectively, for example to do tap on the screen constantly.

So you don't have to stare at the screen for a long time smartphone, just leave it and the game will play automatically. It's easy, right?

For those of you who want practical things, applications quote this is really interesting!

MacroDroid features:

  • Perform automatic commands, such as tapping or swipe screen automatically.
  • Safe from risk banned account, for not doing anything suspicious on the server.
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above

Download the MacroDroid Application here

Apps Productivity ArloSoft DOWNLOAD

6. Freedom APK

The next best Android online game cheat application is Freedom APK which is an application mod most popular. Unfortunately here you need access root to use it.

This Freedom APK allows you to make purchases of items found in the game store for free without requiring server authentication.

In other words, you can make all items free either on Android games offline nor on line lol. Still hesitant to download the game cheat engine Android this one?

Freedom APK Features:

  • Can make purchases of paid in-app items for free.
  • Compatible with a number of popular Android apps and games.
DetailsFreedom APK
Developerfreedom latest
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above

Download the Freedom APK here

Apps Productivity Freedom DOWNLOAD

7. Xmod Games

For Clash of Clans (COC) gamers, maybe you know the application hack this one game.

Xmod Games is an application cheats which is quite popular for several games other than COC, such as Minecraft Pocket Edition, Clash of King,, Subway Surfers, and others.

When you run Xmod Games and play games, this app will automatically present mod and other settings you can use.

To use Xmod Games, you need access root first. Oh yeah, don't use Xmod Games when playing online on line because of the risk banned which is in him, gang.

Xmodgames features:

  • Automatically do scanning to seek mod and in-game settings.
  • Has various settings for different games to date.
  • Easy operating system for novice users.
DeveloperXmodgames Team
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3 and above

Download the Xmodgames App here

Apps Productivity XModGames DOWNLOAD

8. Cheat Engine

Not only on platform PCs and laptops only, Cheat Engine you can also use it on your device smartphone Android, especially those that have been accessed root-his.

Cheat Engine Android will automatically do scanning and you just change the value (value) like coins and experience in accordance with the wishes.

You could say almost all of the Cheat Engine PC features are present on the Android version. Of course the app cheats This game is one of the best so far.

Cheat Engine Features:

  • Do scanning quickly to find modifiable game parts (mod).
  • Change value easily to increase coins and experience.
  • The tutorials are interactive and easy to understand.
DetailsCheat Engine Android
DeveloperCharles G Rousseau
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3.2 and above

Download Cheat Engine Android Application here

Apps Developer Tools Cheat Engine DOWNLOAD

9. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker generally have functions like Cheat Engine that can change values ​​(value) in a game.

Initially SB Game Hacker was available in Chinese, but now it has been translated into English so that it is easy for you to operate.

SB Game Hacker can be used on Android devices no root. For those of you who want to download cheats for all games, this application can be an interesting choice.

SB Game Hacker Features:

  • Supports many languages, namely English and Chinese.
  • Do scanning automatically and encrypted in-game.
  • Very easy to use by beginners.
DetailsSB Game Hacker
DeveloperSB Game Hacker
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download the SB Game Hacker Application here

Apps Utilities SB Game Hacker DOWNLOAD

10. Cit Pekalongan (Legendary)

Finally, this game cheat APK is definitely not foreign to you gamers Point Blank aka PB?

Pekalongan City now it has reached the circle mobile gamers by presenting cheats popular Android games, such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, to Chess Rush.

You can do various cheats, as wallhacks, aimbot, and so on, but this game mod application certainly has its own risks.

So, if you want to download this Free Fire (FF) online game cheat application, be careful when using it, gang.

Pekalongan City Features:

  • Support for some popular PC and Android games, such as PUBG, Free Fire, and Chess Rush.
  • Always updating cheats every time the game does updates.
DetailsPekalongan City
DeveloperCity Pekalongan Team
Minimal OS-

Download the Cit Pekalongan Application here

Well, that's the collection of applications cheats Android games that you can use either with access root and without root.

Keep in mind, the method above is quite risky, especially in games online multiplayer, so think carefully before trying it.

For those of you who want to stay download game cheat above and use it, again Jaka reminds you to use it and know the risks. Do with your own risk!

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