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how to quickly level up in clash royale, newbie must read!

Are you playing Clash Royale? If so, JalanTikus has many tips regarding Clash Royale. Well, this time Jaka will give tips to quickly level up Clash Royale.

After a month of being officially in beta for iOS users, Supercell is finally doing it soft launch games Clash Royale for Android users. Almost a week since it was announced, the Clash Royale game has been widely played by Android users.

Some tips related to Clash Royale are available on JalanTikus. So you can get to know and learn all about Clash Royale even if you're not affiliated with clan Street Rat Clash Royale. Well, this time Jaka will give you tips to quickly level up Clash Royale.

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How to Level Up Clash Royale

Once you play Clash Royale, ApkVenue can guarantee you will definitely be addicted to playing it. Not because this game is made by Supercell, but because there are 8 reasons why people play Clash Royale. One of the reasons is so that you can have a higher level than others. For that, it is important for you to level up immediately. Download the latest Clash Royale apk from link following.

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1. How to Quickly Level Up Clash Royale Arena

If you played Clash of Clans, you must be familiar with Town Hall which will be a benchmark for you in getting troops or buildings, as well as new spells. In Clash Royale you will find something similar to Town Hall in a sector called Arena. In each Arena you will get a different Building Card, Troop Card, and Spell Card. The higher the Arena level, the stronger the cards you will get.

To quickly level up Arena, you only need to increase the number trophy. The trick is to keep winning every battle what you do. If you lose, people will take your Trophy. Each Arena requires a different number of Trophy to enter. The following table shows the number of trophies to enter a certain Arena.

ArenaNumber of Trophies
Arena 10-400
Arena 2401-800
Arena 3801-1100
Arena 41101-1400
Arena 51401-1700
Arena 61701-3000
Arena 73000 and above

Remember: The number of trophies determines the enemy you face in each battle. Because matchmaking Clash Royale takes into account the number of trophies in finding the right opponent to play on line.

2. How to Quickly Increase King Level

Besides Arena level, what you should pay attention to is King level. This one determines the level of your King Tower. The higher your King level, the greater the Hitpoint and Damage from the King Tower and Arena Tower you have. The height of the King Tower affects the difficulty level of the opponent in defeating you. So, the higher your King level, the stronger you are.

King level Clash Royale is determined by the amount of EP you collect. Well, to speed up leveling up, you can collect EP by doing upgrade your card or by making a card donation at clan. Hence, having clan in Clash Royale is very important.

To quickly level up King Tower, you can easily buy cards frequently at shop to do it fast upgrade to get EPs. Every day there are always 3 new cards that you can buy with Gold. And don't forget, every Sunday there are 6 open cards that you can buy with Gold.

Or, you can ask the member for a card clan yours to speed up the process upgrade your card. Oh yes, you can also get EP instantly every time you donate to the clan. The stronger the card you donate, the more EP and gold you get.

Isn't this a quick way to level up Clash Royale? Not only requires us to learn to defend and attack, but also teaches us how important it is to cooperate with members clan. Come on, download the latest Clash Royale apk and quickly level up!

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