what is esim? this is the difference with a regular sim card, so the quota is more efficient?

Have you ever heard of an eSIM, gang? This time, Jaka will let you know what an eSIM is and how it differs from a regular SIM card!

When buying a cellphone, we usually buy the SIM card at once so that our new cellphone can be used immediately.

From year to year, the size of the SIM card is getting smaller. In fact, there is a new form of SIM card, namely eSIM.

What is an eSIM? How is it different from a regular SIM card? Is it true that the internet quota can be more efficient? Check out the full review!

What is an eSIM?

For those of you who haven't, actually SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module as telecommunications identification and also our personal number.

The SIM card also stores various types of information, usually related to the network you are using such as the card ID number and area code.

When buying a SIM card at the credit counter, we will get a card where there is a part that we can remove and insert into our cellphone.

On the other hand, eSIM is the newest format of SIM card which is not in the form of a card. eSIM shaped chips built into the device so that it cannot be removed or replaced.

So, when you buy a number in the form of an eSIM, you won't get a physical card, but you can already connect to the network and get a phone number.

Advantages and Disadvantages of eSIM

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As a new technology, of course eSIM has its own advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that you don't have to worry about losing it.

You also don't have to worry about your eSIM being damaged. Because the size of the eSIM is very small, it can be used for devices smartwatch yes, gang.

In addition, the absence of a physical card means that it will have an impact on reducing waste generated from unused SIM cards.

Another advantage of eSIM is the ease of switching operators. Besides that, you can also avoid fees roaming international.

Even though it's actually a free policy roaming international depends on the provider that issued the eSIM product.

If you have several devices at once such as cellphones, tablets, and smartwatch, you can use eSIM for all these devices.

What about the drawbacks? You cannot insert and remove the SIM card when needed.

So, if one day your smartphone battery runs out, you can't take your number and borrow your friend's cellphone.

Devices with eSIM Technology

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In the past, the use of eSIM was only limited to industrial devices. People are still used to SIM cards that have a physical form.

Then, Apple began to include eSIM in its devices in 2012. However, its use is still limited in certain countries.

When Apple released features dual-SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max devices, they announced that one slot is reserved for eSIM. Apple Watch is also equipped with an eSIM.

Not only smartphones, smartwatch-Also use an eSIM because of its small size, so it is not suitable if you use a regular SIM card.

What about Android phones? Google Pixel 2 is the first Android phone to use an eSIM, although only for the United States.

At that time, users can choose the provider directly. If you want to change providers, you can also do it instantly.

In addition, in 2016, Samsung also released the Samsung Gear S2 3G in 2016 which was equipped with eSIM technology.

eSIM provider in Indonesia

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If your device already has an eSIM feature, the question is which operator already provides eSIM?

As far as Jaka is concerned, only Smartphone which already provides eSIM in Indonesia. The eSIM already supports Smartfren's 4G LTE network.

For those of you who want to use it, you can directly come to Smartfren outlets in various cities. Later, you will get a QR code to install a user profile on the device.

The Future of eSIM

Will eSIMs replace all physical SIM cards in the future? It could be, given the many advantages offered.

Moreover, well-known smartphone manufacturers are also starting to produce devices equipped with eSIM.

However, it will take time for customers to get used to this technology. According to Jaka, it still takes a few more years for this technology to become the standard among smartphone users.

End of Word

That's a brief review of what is eSIM along with the difference with a regular SIM card. Unfortunately, it seems that eSIM has no impact on whether or not our internet quota is efficient.

What is clear, eSIM is planned to replace the role of the SIM card that has been very attached to us.

From Jaka's presentation, which one do you like more? Write in the comments column, yes!

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