5 harvest moon imitation android games, have you played any?

Here are some recommendations for Harvest Moon imitation games on Android with gameplay similar to Harvest Moon.

Who doesn't know the game Harvest Moon, a plantation simulation accompanied by social activities with villagers who are seasoned with romantic romance. This game has also been a favorite of gamers since its inception until now.

In fact, Harvest Moon was released for Android, but somehow the game disappeared from Play Store regional Indonesia. But don't worry, there are several alternative games that can be a substitute for you to play on your Android phone. Check out the review of the 5 best Android games like Harvest Moon below.

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Harvest Moon Copycat Android Game

1. Harvest Master: Farm Sim

Here you will become a character who is given the inheritance of a plantation field, sounds similar to the beginning of the storyline Harvest Moon, wait until you find out a surprise that your main character's uncle also inherited the debts.

So, your main mission is to rebuild this plantation and get money from there to pay off your uncle's debts.

The rest, everything looks the same as Harvest Moon, such as farming, raising livestock, fishing, and socializing with local residents. You can buy this game at Play Store with a fairly cheap price, which is only 10,000 rupiah.

2. Country Life: Harvest Day

Play as the main character named Derek, where he is given an inheritance of farms and fields by his deceased father. His father has hope that Derek can restore the lush plantation to the way it used to be. The next story, Derek falls in love with the daughter of the village head named Tida.

Not like a game Harvest Moon, where you can choose the woman you like in the village to be your wife, here tucked a romantic story where as Derek you have to become a successful plantation entrepreneur in order to be able to propose to Tida who 4 years then will return to the village after continuing his studies in the city.

3. Farm Up

Take settings rural America in the 1930s, Farm Up actually have gameplay the same as FarmVille and similar games.

Where you will buy plants, grow them, harvest them, and sell them. Besides that, you also maintain farms, take care of animals, and take care of buildings.

Actually this game also has a bit of a funny storyline and narrative, but not all of them dominate the game. If you have difficulty playing, you can take advantage of In-App Purchase which you can buy in the game.

4. Farm Life: Natures Adventure

In short, this game about farming is inspired by the series Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Before you start playing you can customize your main character, starting from gender and appearance. In addition, you can also name your plantation and choose a pet.

Broadly speaking, the game is almost the same, where you have to fight to make your plantations and farms a success, then socialize with the villagers and find a partner for you to marry. The interesting thing is that if you are married, your partner can help you work on the plantation.

5. Pocket Harvest

This is one of the addictive Harvest Moon copycat games made by the developer Kairosoft. Farming and livestock management simulation game accompanied by a very complex business system.

You are required to build a large and successful plantation by employing plantation employees. There is also an investment and advertising system here as an effort to find additional funding to build and make your plantation bigger and more successful.

Yes that is 5 best Android games similar to Harvest Moon. Hopefully the list above can be a reference for those of you who really miss playing games Harvest Moon.

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