Ustadz Jaka: Ruling on picking your nose and picking your ears while fasting

In addition to eating and drinking, there are other things that can also break the fast if it enters the body. Does picking your nose also break the fast?


Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

As we know, during the month of fasting we are required to refrain from anything that can invalidate the fast. The thing that invalidates fasting apart from eating and drinking is the presence of objects that enter the body.

My question is about things that enter the body. What is the ruling on picking your nose (picking your nose) and picking your ears during the fasting month? Does it include things that break the fast?

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Lukman Azis, 26 years old

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Wa'alaikumsalam Wr. Wb.

It is true that basically fasting can be invalidated if something enters our body through the holes in the body such as the mouth, nose, ears, anus, or genitals. And in relation to brother Lukman's question about picking his nose or picking his ears, there is something we must pay attention to.

Breaking the fast due to the entry of other objects (clear, can be seen) even if only a little into the (section) called Jauf; inner cavity. (Zainuddin bin Abdul Aziz al-Malibary, Fath al-Muin)

Sneezing is indeed delicious, especially if there is a lump in the nose. After picking your nose, it will be plong. In practice, nose picking is divided into two:

  • Ordinary sucking, that is, nose that does not reach the nasal cavity (1 knuckle of the finger), does not invalidate the fast.
  • Extraordinary nose picking, which is nose that is too deep so that the object inserted into the nose (finger) enters the nasal cavity (more than 1 knuckle of the finger), and this nose picking will invalidate the fast if it is done consciously and intentionally.

And the same goes for ear-picking. In conclusion, picking your nose in a conscious or unconscious state does not invalidate your fasting practice, as long as you don't include more than one finger knuckle. As for more than one knuckle, it will invalidate the fast. And back to reality, can anyone pick their nose deeper than a knuckle?

Oh yeah, even though picking your nose is good, it's not that good. And don't ever try to taste the taste of eating upil while fasting, CANCEL!

Wallahu A'lam Bishwab.

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