15 best local games for android by Indonesian children 2017

The best local game on Android made by Indonesian children has a unique gameplay that will make you addicted when you try it! Anything?

Playing games is certainly a pretty fun activity. Currently, there are various games made by foreign and domestic developers that you can download and play for free on Android.

Of the many games that have been made, this time I will discuss more deeply about the best local games on Android version of the JalanTikus team that you must play.

This Android game made by Indonesian children has unique gameplay that can make you addicted when you try it! What are the best local games on Android that you can try in 2017? Here's the list.

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Best Local Games On Android 2017

1. Ocean King : Fishing Arcade

First there Ocean King : Fishing Arcade. This best Android local game made by 88 Entertainment. Here you are required to shoot fish and fish bosses that pass by to get lots of coins.

Upgrade your weapon to make it easier for you to shoot fish! Download the game here: Ocean King : Fishing Arcade

Arcade Games 88 Entertainment DOWNLOAD

2. Warung Chain: Go Food Express

The next best local game on Android is here Warung Chain: Go Food Express. This Arcade genre game was created by Touchten. In this game, you are required to cook the food that the buyer wants. The faster you cook it, the better.

Download the game here: Warung Chain: Go Food Express

Touchten Arcade Games DOWNLOAD

3. Chicken Porridge Rush - Cooking Game

Next there is Porridge Chicken Rush - Cooking Game. This Android cooking game was created by Milkish Game Studio. Almost like the Warung Chain game, here you are required to serve people who want to buy chicken porridge. Don't forget to upgrade your food prices to get a lot of money.

Download the game here: Chicken Porridge Rush - Cooking Game

4. Guess the Picture

Next there is Guess the picture. Android games created by the nation's children are still a game of choice to be played in their spare time. Although the answer key to guess the picture already exists, here you still have to imagine to guess every picture that exists.

Download the game here: Guess the Picture

Guess the Picture Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

5. Dress Up Diary

Next there is Dress Up Diary: True Love. This Android fashion game was created by Playing games. This game, which is one of Han Yoo Raa's favorite games, has gameplay that women in Indonesia will definitely like.

There are various costumes with a variety of unique accessories that you can use on a date. Look as beautiful as possible to captivate your partner's heart!

Download the game here: Dress Up Diary: True Love

Simulation Games Maingames DOWNLOAD

6. Badminton Stars

Next there is Badminton Stars. This local game Android genre Sport is made by IPlayAllDay Studio. Tired of mediocre badminton games? Looks like you can try this one game. Here you will play badminton in a different way than usual.

Download the game here: Badminton Stars

7. Number Rumble : Brain War

Are you a genius at math? Or are you good at using numbers? Or do you hate math? It's time to play Number Rumble : Brain War. In game made Game5mobile In this, you will duel against people from all over the world in 3-round matches.

Download the game here: Number Rumble : Brain Wars

8. Round Tofu

Tahu Bulat is an Android simulation game created by Own Games. It has a fairly easy gameplay, here you only need to press the smartphone screen to get a lot of money.

The money you get in the best local game Tahu Bulat you can use to upgrade your tofu selling equipment.

Download the game here: Tahu Bulat

Trivia Games Own Games DOWNLOAD

9. 7 Paladins : Fantasy 3D RPG

Next there is 7 Paladins : Fantasy 3D RPG. This Android RPG game is made by MainGames. Enter the fun and colorful fantasy world of 7 Paladins. Hundreds of cool and cute heroes, assemble your strongest team!

An RPG game with the latest hero styles, incredible skills, and heroes of incomparable power! A mix of RPG games with a mix of MOBA tactics. Recruit your best heroes, explore all the places, fight with honor, and defeat your enemies!

Download the game here: 7 Paladins : Fantasy 3D RPG

10. Firefighter Marbel

Firefighter Marbel is a local game Android firefighter simulation genre for children. Safe Kids Games designed to enhance creativity. In this game, children will be introduced to victim rescue procedures, fire fighting equipment and how to use them.

Download the game here: Firefighter Marbel

11. Cute Munchies

Next there is Cute Munchies. This Puzzle genre game was created by Niji Games. In this game you play as a rabbit who has to take all the carrots without missing any. The higher the level, the more difficult the challenge.

Download the game here: Cute Munchies

12. God of Rage

Next there is the God of Rage. This Role Playing genre game was created by MainGames. To compete in the arena, you must be able to compose strategy such as preparing equipment and hero combos that hurts.

Download the game here: Angry God

RPG Games Maingames DOWNLOAD

13. CHIPS: Monster Tap

Next there is CHIPS: Monster Tap. This Android Casual Game created by the nation's children was created by Dragon Capital Center. Here you are required to destroy the boss who wants to rule the world. Prepare a good strategy before starting the match.

Download the game here: CHIPS: Monster Tap

14. Dream Eleven: La Liga

Next there is Dream Eleven: La Liga. This Sports genre game is made by MainGames. Here you will take on the role of manager of a football team and create an unbeatable team. The Dream Eleven game also has a LaLiga license with characters and clubs that you can easily choose.

Download the game here: Dream Eleven: La Liga

Sports Games Maingames DOWNLOAD

15. Capsa Royale: Stacking, Toll Free

Last one Capsa Royale: Stacking,Toll Free. This Android local game is made by 88 Entertainment. Here you can play Capsa Susun and other popular card games such as Capsa Banting, BlackJack, 3 Cards or for football enthusiasts you can try playing Guess the Score!

Only by playing Capsa Royale, you can win unlimited Free Credit only from Capsa Royale.

Download the game here: Capsa Royale: Susun, Pulsa Free

Casino Games 88 Entertainment DOWNLOAD

Those are some of the best local Android games by Indonesian children that you can play for free in 2017. If you have any recommendations for other Indonesian-made Android games, don't forget to share them in the comments column.

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