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how to check real or fake instagram followers, accurate!

Curious about accounts that have a lot of followers? Want to know how to check real or fake Instagram followers? Come on, just look at the following article.

This time, ApkVenue wants to share about how to check real or fake Instagram followers easily and accurately.

You must often see Instagram accounts that have thousands or even millions of followers, right?

Have you ever thought about whether the follower is real or fake? If it's an artist, it's normal, yes, they have a lot of followers, but what about ordinary people? Hmm.

Well, so that you don't get curious and don't think that's weird with an Instagram account with a lot of followers, here it is how to check real or fake IG followers.

How to Check the Most Accurate Real or Fake Instagram Followers!

Check Instagram Followers with

The first way to check real or fake Instagram followers is to use is a website or site that we can use to find out the authenticity of followers of an Instagram account.

How to use it is very easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the browser on your PC/laptop or Android phone. Then visit

  2. Then enter the Instagram account for which you want to know the authenticity of the followers. After that, click enter.

  1. Wait a while until finishes checking and analyzing the followers on the IG account.

If so, the results will appear as below.

Well, how to read the results like this. The higher the Real Follower Percentage, the better.

That means the followers on the account are genuine and active accounts (real human or real people).

Whereas the lower the value, the worse. This means that the followers on the account are passive followers, or you can say robots/bots.

For the record, the method above can only be done for public Instagram account. If the account is private, then the account cannot be checked for the authenticity of the followers.

Check by comparing comments and Instagram followers

Apart from Igaudit, you can also check real or fake Instagram followers with compare between comments and Instagram followers.

Surely you've seen, right, IG accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers but very few comments?

Well, if that's the case, there is a possibility that the Instagram follower in question is fake.

There are special rules that are applied to compare the number of followers and comments, you know.

In 5000 followers there will be at least 13 comments in one post. If the followers are above 5000 or even thousands to millions, you just multiply it.

In addition, you can also check, if the comments on the Instagram account tend to be identical or similar, it could be the work of a site that offers automatic likes and comments.

Check by comparing the number of likes and Instagram followers

How to check the next real or fake Instagram follower can be by comparing the number of likes in the account's post and the number of followers.

If the account have 1000 followers, there will be at least 30 likes in each post.

Well, if the number of likes you get is less than that number, you can be sure that the followers on the account are fake.

Crosscheck their IG followers

The last way to find out whether Instagram followers are real or fake, you can just go to the accounts that are followers.

You check one by one whether the follower account is real or fake.

It's not hard to do it either. Fake accounts usually use a profile picture from Google Image and have never posted anything.

In addition, fake accounts also usually don't have a number of followers but have a large number of followings.

From here we can draw the conclusion that the account uses the service of buying followers.

Well, that's him how to check real or fake Instagram followers from Jake.

Good luck and hopefully useful!

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