how to use middle finger emoji and condom emoji on whatsapp

Sending emoji via chat applications like WhatsApp is fun. But what if it turns out to be a middle finger emoji or even a condom emoji? So it's fun or even fun?

One of the highlights of emoji besides its function to express feelings, it can also be a lesson for you in everyday life. For example, you know and learn about how to do gestures body to express your feelings. But what if you use the middle finger emoji and the condom emoji? Must be fun right? Or even one?

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Apart from the meaning of holding up the middle finger which means negative, you might think what this emoji is for in communication. And again, now there's been a lot of news about the condom emoji since it came World AIDS Day. Are you interested in using the middle finger emoji and the condom emoji?

How to Use Middle Finger Emoji and Condom Emoji on WhatsApp

Application chat like WhatsApp, not only makes it easier to communicate, but also makes it easier to express through emojis. Emoji can be a representative for you in expressing feelings. But, what happens if it turns out that you use the wrong middle finger emoji and condom emoji? Of course it will reap unwanted problems.

How to Use Middle Finger Emoji on WhatsApp

I don't know how you feel when someone raises the middle finger via emoji. Reflecting on your feelings, understand how other people feel when you receive the same emoji. Because it's not funny if your sensitive friend becomes cranky because of the middle finger emoji you sent.

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To use the middle finger emoji on WhatsApp, there are a few things you should know:

  • The middle finger emoji is WhatsApp's default. This emoji is inside updates latest WhatsApp, not the default keyboard that you use. So don't expect to find this emoji on your keyboard. So, hurry up updates to the latest WhatsApp yes!
  • The middle finger emoji comes with 6 skin tones. To change the skin color, you can use it by pressing or holding the emoji. Then choose a color that suits your skin. Looks racist huh?
  • Use the middle finger emoji at the right time. Maybe you also know that pointing the middle finger at another person can be considered an act of harassing, insulting, and other negative things. That way, even though there is a middle finger emoji, I hope you can use it wisely. Because you never know how the person you sent the emoji will react, right?

Duh, this middle finger emoji is really, isn't it. In addition to the middle finger which means negative, plus racist too! So, even though it's funny because there are new emojis, be careful when using it when communicating with friends on WhatsApp!

Besides the middle finger emoji, there's also a new emoji, the condom emoji! How does it feel to send a message on WhatsApp with the condom emoji scattered? Instead of being fun, surely your feelings will be exciting because it is full of code.

Condom Emoji For Safe Sex

As World AIDS Day falls today, DUREX has conducted campaigns on Twitter and YouTube with the tag #CondomEmoji. DUREX intends to campaign for safe sex to protect the public from HIV/AIDS. Through this campaign, DUREX hopes that people will enjoy using the condom emoji it proposes, so that awareness arises to use condoms as well as to protect against the HIV/AIDS virus.

You can because it's normal. It's not impossible that you became interested in using the original condom after you used to send condom emojis on WhatsApp and other chat applications, right? But remember, use condoms with legal partners, not for casual sex!

Well, if you're interested in using the condom emoji released in conjunction with this World AID Day, you'll have to be patient a little longer. Because this condom emoji is still in the stage of waiting for approval Unicode. Once approved, you will be able to use this condom emoji in early 2016. Are you interested in using the condom emoji? Or are you more interested in using the condom directly to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS?

Use it at the Right Time

When using emojis, always use them at the right time. Do not let you send emojis that do not match the conditions you are experiencing or what you mean. For example, when you are sad but send a sleepy emoji, it's funny but it's wrong.

Whether you're using the middle finger emoji or using the condom emoji, later make sure you're talking to the right person. Don't send these emojis to sensitive people, because the middle finger emoji and condoms are still taboo for our culture in Indonesia.

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