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watch devil servant (2017)

Have you watched the movie Servant of Satan (2017) remake by top director, Joko Anwar yet? If not, check out Jaka's article below, OK!

Indonesia is one of the countries with a fairly successful film industry in Southeast Asia. It is evident from the number of films from Indonesia that enter international film festivals.

Satan's Servant is one of the classic Indonesian horror films worldwide. The film, which was released in 1980, was laterremake with a more sinister feel.

What is the movie like Satan's Servant (2017) made by director Joko Anwar? If you are curious, keep reading the following Jaka article.

Synopsis Film Servant of Satan (2017)

Rini is the eldest daughter of her family consisting of father, mother, grandmother, and three younger brothers, namely Tony, Bondi, and Ian.

Rini's family is in financial trouble because they have run out of money to pay for the medical expenses of their mother who has been suffering from a mysterious illness for 3 years.

Mother could not wake up from sleep and could only ring a small bell to ask for help from other family members.

Various attempts were made by Rini's family to earn extra money, including dropping out of college and asking for royalties from her mother who was a famous singer.

Unfortunately, the mother later died. When buried, the family became acquainted with a Ustadz and his son, Hendra.

To earn money, you have to go to the city to mortgage their family house. Their savings are not enough to support their daily life.

Father's departure to the city was the beginning of the terror that attacked the family. The appearance of a ghost that looks like their late mother begins to haunt them.

What secret did the mother keep before she died? Is it true that the evil ghost who intends to harm the member is the mother?

You'll just have to watch it yourself later, gang.

Interesting Facts about Satan's Slave Movie (2017)

After reading the synopsis of the movie Servant of Satan (2017), Jaka will tell you some interesting facts that will definitely make you more curious to watch the movie Servant of Satan (2017).

  • The original Pengabdi Setan was Joko Anwar's favorite horror film as a child. Long before Rapi Films producing the remake, Joko Anwar has lobbied to direct if the film is made a remake.

  • Tara Basro, Rini's role in this film turns out to be a person who is very afraid of ghosts. In fact, he himself had to play in a horror film.

  • The process of shooting this film only took 18 days. Very short considering this film got so many awards Image Cup.

  • The film poster of Pengabdi Setan depicting 3 people using black umbrellas is made by fans who admire Joko Anwar's work and the film Pengabdi Setan.

  • The crew spent about 3 months just looking for a house that matched the atmosphere and horror of the movie Servant of Satan (2017).

Nonton Film Servant of Satan (2017)

InformationSatan's Servant
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)6.7 (5,759)
Duration1 hour 47 minutes
GenreDrama, Horror, Mystery
Release Date28 September 2017
DirectorJoko Anwar
PlayerTara Basro, Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya, et al

Just reading the synopsis and interesting facts is definitely not enough for those of you who really like watching quality horror films like Servant of Satan (2017).

Don't worry, you can watch this film via the link that Jaka provided below.

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That's Jaka's article about Joko Anwar's masterpiece horror film, Servant of Satan (2017). What other movie would you like to see, gang?

Write your answer in the comments column below, OK!

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