These 5 android crime games let you be the bad guy

Want to be the bad guy in the game? Here are some Android crime games that let you play the bad guy.

Being an evil character in a game is a special satisfaction for some people. When they become bad people, they are free to carry out various criminal acts as they please.

Currently, there are various criminal games from various developers that you can play directly on your Android smartphone.

For those of you who want to try the game, here JalanTikus will recommend some of the best Android crime game titles that allow you to be a bad person. Here's the full review.

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Android Crime Games

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

First is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Game made Rockstar Games this is one game Open World best you can play. In this game, you will live in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas and get into a gang that is full of trouble, drugs, and corruption.

Download the game here: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

2. Gangstar Vegas

The next Android crime game is Gangstar Vegas. In game made Gameloft In this you will act as a gangster who lives in the city of Las Vegas. There you are required to control the area and become the king of the mafia.

Download the game here: Gangstar Vegas

3. Bully: Anniversary Edition

The next is Bully: Anniversary Edition. Game made Rockstar Games it also allows you to be a bad person. Here you will play as a 15-year-old student named Jimmy Hopkins. There are various pranks, obstacles, and other silly things that can be done at school.

Download the game here: Bully: Anniversary Edition

4. Grand Gangsters 3D

The next is Grand Gangsters 3D. This Android crime game was created by Doodle Mobile Ltd. In this game you will become a Gangster who lives in the dark.

Various criminal acts such as stealing cars, avoiding the police, racing wild to shootouts between gangs you have to do to survive.

Download the game here: Grand Gangsters 3D

5. Miami Saints : Crime lords

Last is Miami Saints : Crime lords created by VscoGames. As a member of a notorious organization, you will be faced with a problem with shipping goods in Miami. A new violent adventure begins the moment you reach Miami.

Download the game here: Miami Saints : Crime lords


Those are some Android crime games that let you play the bad guy. If you have other game recommendations, don't forget share in the comments column.

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