d! pirates, the anime game about pirate battles is now available!

Do you like the One Piece Anime series? Now you can play the newest One Piece game called D! Pirates for free.

D!Pirates is a game on line A web/browser based RPG featuring famous Japanese Anime and Manga stories. Because this game is based on a browser game, you don't have to bother with complicated installations, you only need a browser on your PC and start playing right away, easy right?

Who doesn't know about a young boy named Monkey D Luffy? He has a dream to become the future Pirate King. D!Pirates invites you to enter into a great adventure in the era of pirates with Luffy and friends. In this game the strongest group of pirates will survive. Gather your pirate crew friends, defeat every enemy and become the next Pirate King in D!Pirates.

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Newest Anime Game D! Pirates

There are lots of interesting game features that you can play in this game, including the system Recruit Partners, Reform/Evolution Partner, World Boss, Impel Down Dungeon, 6-Power Upgrade, and many other interesting features. Of the many features that you can play, there is one feature that is very interesting to try, namely Recruit Partners inside bars.

Recruit Partners (Bar)

In the Bar you can recruit a lot of famous pirates who are very strong. You can recruit partners based on the main character's level. In addition to the partners in the Bar, you can also recruit special characters in the Mystic Bar. All the characters in Mystic Bar are great pirates from all over the world, recruiting them to be your pirate crew is a very good choice. To Mystic Bar Level 1 - 80 you can recruit Jinbe, Tragalgar Law, Boa Hancock, Sanji, and Nico Robin.

Reform Partner

Another feature that is no less exciting than Bar is Reform Partner. By Reforming Partner, you can upgrade your pirate partner status through evolution to a higher level.

In addition to the appearance of the partner's character that changes, the status and combat power of the partner will also increase drastically. As shown below, when Usopp's character isreform became Soge King Usopp.

Screenshots of Game D! Pirates

6 Powers


Battle Boa

Battle Jinbe

Battle Law

Escort Systems

Levy Systems

Ocean Shop

World Boss

How? These are just a few of the many interesting features available in D!Pirates. Interesting isn't it? Come on, invite your friends to play D! Pirates together. do not miss events This game has to offer, exciting adventures, and achieve your dream to become the Pirate King in D!Pirates.

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