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this is the latest feature in the clash royale update version 1.2.1

These are the latest features about Update Clash Royale version 1.2.0. New arena, multiple decks, new cards, new chest types and some other new features.

On February 29, 2016, Supercell released updates latest for the game Clash Royale. Latest update of Clash Royale version 1.2.0 This brings many changes as well as the addition of new features in the Clash Royale game.

On the official website, Supercell provides everything in updates The latest version of Clash Royale is 1.2.0. The new things include: new Arena, multiple decks, new card, type chest new, and several other new features.

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Update Clash Royale 1.2.0

This Clash Royale update version 1.2.0 brings several new features, these new features include:

  • 6 new cards

    • Common Card: Royal Giant
    • Rare Card: Three Musketeers
    • Epic Card: Dark Prince, Poison
    • Legendary Cards: Princess, Ice Wizard
  • New Arena

    • Builder Workshop
  • New Chests

    • Giant Chest
    • Super Magical Chest

New Card

The Dark Prince

Just like Prince, Dark Prince will make damage2 times when running. The Dark Prince's greatness is that he has a Shield used as additional protection.


As the name suggests, this Spell card is useful for poisoning enemy troops and buildings. Spell Card Poison this will result in a number of damage every second.

Three Musketeers

Card Three Musketeers this uses 10 Elixir when it wants to be issued. This card contains Three Musketeers that appear simultaneously.

Royal Giant

If the Giant usually attacks from close range, the card Royal Giant can be used to attack from a distance. Blood (hitpoints) owned by Royal Giant is not as much as Giant.

The Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard is a type of Legendary card in Clash Royale. One of the advantages of Ice Wizard is that he can slow down the movement and attack speed of the opponent.


Princess can be obtained at Arena 7 (Royal Arena). Princess is a Legendary card type with an Area Damage type of attack.

New Arena

The Builder's Workshop

The Builder's Workshop new Arena unlocks at Trophy 1700, converting Royal Arena to Trophy 2000.

Multiple Battle Decks

Now every Clash Royale player can save deck up to 3 arrays deck different ones.

Those are some of the newest features of Latest Clash Royale 1.2.0 update. For those of you who haven't played Clash Royale, download the latest Clash Royale Android here:

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