7 most frequently used ways to hack passwords

We must know the most common ways that many hackers use to hack passwords so that we do not become the next victim. Want to know the review? Come on, just take a look below.

What do you imagine when you hear the term cybercrime? Are you directly focused on the hacker figure in the movies or the super computer that is? can crack the whole code in all network traffic? Yes, if that's all in your mind, then it's not wrong either.

Facts cybercrime is something that quite simple, and what often their goal is to steal user accounts. So, protecting the account as well as the password is an obligation for all internet users. Don't use short password or predictable. Besides that, we also have to know most common ways which is widely used by hackers to hack password so we don't become the next victim. Want to know the review? Come on, just take a look below.

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7 Ways Hackers Often Use to Hack Passwords

1. Use Password Dictionary

The first way that hackers often use to hack a victim's account is use password dictionary. The dictionary contains number of password combinations the most frequently used. So the password combination is like 123456, qwerty, password, princess, handsome, it must be listed in it.

The advantages of this password dictionary are attackers can find the victim's password very quickly, because that read database The dictionary is a computer device. Therefore, if your account and password want to be safe from hackers, then one way is to create a strong password and not easy to guess by anyone. Or another alternative way is to use a password manager program such as LastPass.

2. Brute Force

Furthermore, the second way that we need to be aware of is brute force attack, which this attack focuses on character combination used in passwords. Usually used keywords according to the algorithm owned by password managers, for example a combination of some uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and some symbol characters.

This brute force attack will try some combinations of the most widely used alphanumeric characters, such as 1q2w3e4r5t, zxcvbnm, and qwertyuiop. So, are you one of those who use a password like that?

The advantage of this method is that it can add attack variety instead of just using a password dictionary. If your account wants to be safe from brute force attacks, then use a combination of characters that are: more variable. If possible use it too extra symbols to increase password complexity.

3. Phishing

Phishing is one of most popular way to get the victim's account to date. So, phishing is an attempt to trick the target so they don't realize they're being duped.

This time phishing email become one of the popular ways to get the victim's account, and also every day there are billions of fake emails which is sent to all internet users around the world. The mode is that the victim will receive a fake email claiming that they are come from a trusted organization or business. Usually the content of this email requires the victim to do something like submit personal information and others.

In addition, sometimes fake emails are also contains information that directs the target to click on the link certain sites, which can be malware or fake websites which is made similar to the original web. So that in this case the victim does not realize that they are being directed to submit personal information the important one.

4. Social Engineering

Social engineering similar to the phishing technique, but this technique is more used in real life. For example, the case of mama asking for credit also uses this technique, the victim who doesn't realize it can easily believe right away with the contents of the message and immediately follow the directions given by the fraudster.

This social engineering technique has been around for a long time and this is actually the case blamed as a method to indirectly deceive the victim, such as ask for password or ask for some money.

5. Rainbow Table

Rainbow table is a form of attack with take advantage of the account and password database which has been obtained. In this case the attacker has pocket the list of target usernames and passwords, but in encrypted form. This encrypted password has a beautiful appearance very different with the original, for example the obtained password is 'Jalantikus , then encryption form The MD5 hash is in the form of 8f4047e3233b39e4444e1aef240e80aa , complicated isn't it?

But in certain cases, the attacker just run list of plaintext passwords via algorithm hashing, and then compare the results with password data that is still in the form of encryption. Yes, you could say the encryption algorithm is not one hundred percent safe and most of the encrypted passwords turn out to be still easy to break.

This is why the rainbow table method is most relevant today, instead of the attacker should process millions of passwords and match hash values what it produces, the rainbow table itself is already a list of hash values from the previously calculated algorithm.

This method can reduce time needed to crack the target password. Well, hackers themselves can buy rainbow table which has been fully filled by millions of potential password combinations and widely used. So, avoid site who are still using the encryption method SHA1 or MD5 as a password hashing algorithm because of this method security hole has been found.

6. Malware/Keylogger

Another way you can jeopardize important accounts and information on the internet is due to the presence of malware or malicious programs. This malware has spread throughout the internet network and has the potential to continue to grow. The danger again if we get hit by malware in the form of a keylogger, then unconsciously every activity we do on the computer can be detected by the attacker.

This malware program itself specifically can target personal data, then the attacker can easily control the victim's computer remotely to steal any valuable information.

For those of you who don't want to be exposed to malware, then never use pirated apps. Then don't be lazy to update antivirus and antimalware software which exists. Besides that always be careful when browsing internet and don't download files from unknown sources.

7. Spidering

Spidering is a technique for finding information by looking for clues or a series of data relating to the target. Attackers can start by searching for personal data and compiling it to be assembled into valuable information. This method is commonly referred to as the spidering technique or spider web search.

Therefore, don't make username and password related to personal information, for example such as date of birth, spouse's name, pet's name, and others related to our personal data. This is because the information very easy to guess and trace.

That's the most common ways that many hackers use to hack passwords. The main thing is, no method is a hundred safe to protect our important accounts from hacker threats. However, the best thing is that we can still reduce the threat by knowing the common ways that hackers often use to steal our accounts and passwords. Hope it is useful.