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how to uninstall avast on windows 10, windows 7, and mac

Can't uninstall Avast from your laptop? That's right, ApkVenue has tips on how to uninstall Avast on Windows 10, 7, and Mac. Guaranteed to work!

An antivirus program is one of the software that must be installed on a laptop or PC device. This software will help you to maintain the security of data and computer programs.

Of the many antivirus programs on the market today, Avst is one of the best with a very large number of users.

This antivirus is known to be effective in eradicating various kinds of malicious programs, as well as being adept at protecting the data on your computer.

Even so, sometimes Avast is very difficult to remove from the laptop or laptop that you are using. Therefore, this time ApkVenue will discuss how to uninstall Avast on your laptop.

How to Uninstall Avast antivirus on Windows and Mac

Avast is known as an antivirus with good performance, but for various reasons users want to remove this program temporarily or even permanently from their computers.

By its nature as an antivirus program with deep access to computer programs, in most cases Avast able to protect itself so that it cannot be erased by the user.

Many users find it difficult to uninstall avast on their computer devices, and this can be very annoying and can even be annoying.

Therefore, ApkVenue will discuss how to uninstall Avast on laptops that experience cases like this. Here is more information.

How to Uninstall Avast on Windows 7 and 10

For those of you users of Windows 10 or other versions who fail to uninstall Avast via control panel, you need another way to do this process.

This particular process was designed by the Avast developers themselves, they realized that Problems like this do happen sometimes on the programs they develop.

This method of uninstalling Avast can be a surefire alternative for those of you who find it difficult to carry out this process in the usual way, and this method can also be used for all versions of Windows users.

Without further ado, here are some steps you can take to remove Avast from the laptop or PC that you use correctly and effectively.

  • Step 1 - Download the app Avast Clear, to be able to remove Avast from your computer which is difficult to remove in the usual way on the page // .

The download page that Jaka shares sometimes cannot be accessed by certain internet providers, and if this happens you can use a VPN to be able to access it.

  • Step 2 - Click the link on the page, and wait a while until the download is complete.
  • Step 3 - Open the program that you downloaded earlier. An option will appear torestart computer and log in to Safe Mode and click option Yes.

Safe Mode is a computer mode in which only essential programs are run, and the installation process will be carried out using this mode.

  • step 4 - A warning will appear again before the process restart done, and select Yes. Make sure to close the program you are using and save your work first.
  • Step 5 - Wait a few moments for your computer torestart and enter the mode Safe Mode automatically. This may vary depending on the computer.

  • Step 6 - After logging in to Safe Mode, a new dialog will appear to delete the previously installed Avast files. Customize options directories, then press Uninstall.

In this dialog, there are 2 options directories which will appear is where to install the Avast program and also where to save this program data.

In addition, there is also a choice of Avast versions that will be removed. Choose according to the version of Avast you are using.

If you don't remember exactly the three options above, you don't need to change anything and just press the button uninstall.

Wait a few moments until this process is complete, then restart the computer or laptop you are using. How to uninstall Avast on Windows 10 and other versions has been completed.

How to Uninstall Avast on Mac

Besides being able to be used by Windows users, Avast can also be used on Apple laptops.

Although Apple's computer operating system is rarely exposed to viruses, more protection advance what Avast has to offer much in demand by Mac users.

However, that doesn't mean Mac users will always keep this program on their laptops. For those of you Mac users who want to know how to uninstall Avast on a Mac, here are the complete steps.

  • Step 1 - Open the Avast program in your Mac window, then click Options Avast available next to the Apple logo.

  • Step 2 - Choose an option uninstall Avast Premium Security to open the next option.

  • Step 3 - After a few moments, a confirmation window will appear, then select Uninstall.
  • Step 4 - Enter the User Name and Password that you use, to continue the deletion process.
  • Step 5 - Wait a few moments until the deletion process is complete.

This method is indeed easier than uninstalling Avast on Windows 10 or other versions.

The different OS on the MacBook makes users experience fewer errors in the Uninstall process like on Windows, so there is no special way that needs to be done.

That's how to uninstall Avast on the computer you are using, be it Windows or Mac.

This method is effective for those of you who have been having trouble replacing this antivirus program with another antivirus program.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time is useful for all of you, and don't forget to visit the other tips and tricks page from Jaka via the link below.

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