this is how to check the price of a website, how much does google cost?

Are you a blogger and intend to sell your blog or website? Check here the price range!

Maybe you've ever imagined how much the price of a websiteif sold? A blog or website with interesting content and has many visitors every day, of course, has pretty high price.

Well, this time, Jaka will share tips how how to find out the price of a blog or website. So, for you guys blogger who might want selling blog you, then you can use these tips from ApkVenue to find the benchmark price. Come on!

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How to Check the Price of a Website, Approximately How Much is Google's Price?

To check the price of a website or blog, there is a website that can help you. This website really is quite accurate in providing information about the website you are looking for. First visit the website Next, you can follow the steps below.

  • After entering the website page, it will look like below. Please enter URL address the site you want to check the price on (here Jaka will try to find out Google price if sold).
  • After entering the site address, the next step is to click Go and then wait a while.

  • After that information will appear about the website you are looking for, for example the price of the website, ranking website, visitors per day, and also how much the website earns every day. As you can see here, Google's selling price is worth $5,301,280,526 as in the image below:

In addition to the above website, there are several websites more that can help you find out the prices and statistics of a blog or website. Examples such as the site,, and much more.

There he is how to check the price of a website. What do you think? It's easy, right? Have you ever made a website sale and purchase transaction? If ever, share your experience in the comments column below. Hope it is useful!