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watch drama voice 2 (2018) full episode

Tired of loving Korean dramas? Try watching Voice 2 on this one, guaranteed to make you cringe and nervous!

Korean dramas are famous for their romantic stories that make you baper. Moreover, the actors are handsome and attractive.

However, that doesn't mean Korea can't make dramas with other genres, you know. Lots of other genres like thriller, action, to skits.

One of the dramas thriller which received a positive response was Voice. After the success of the first series, a sequel, entitled Voice 2!

Synopsis of Drama Voice 2

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Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) is a policewoman who works at the 112 emergency call service.

The officers who are here must be able to solve criminal problems in the fastest possible time.

Kwon-joo has the ability psycho-acoustics. With this ability, he is able to detect evil from sounds that normal people cannot hear.

This time, he is paired with Do Kang-woo (Lee Jin-wook). The two of them must be able to solve various cases that come their way, including serial murders.

In fact, there are murder masterminds who have multiple plots. He always asked for parts of the victim's body as a trophy.

Interesting Facts about Drama Voice 2

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As a drama that will present suspense in all its episodes, there must be interesting facts that can be picked up. Anything?

  • This drama is airing instead of drama Life on Mars which has expired. This drama itself after being finished was replaced by The Player.

  • This drama continues with drama Voice 3 with Lee Jin-wook and Lee Ha-na remaining in the lead roles.

  • Each episode has plot twist surprising.

  • Many viewers are disappointed with the ending of this drama

Watch Movie Drama Voice 2

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InformationHer Private Life
Rating86 1193)


Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Release Date10 April - 30 May 2019
DirectorLee Seung-yeong
PlayerLee Ha-Na

Kwon Yool

The best part of the drama Voice 2 This is an unpredictable storyline. As a result, we will be impatient to watch the next episode soon.

If you are looking for a romantic Korean drama, maybe Voice 2 not suitable for you. This drama is full of mysteries to bloody criminal cases.

But if you really want to watch this Korean drama, just click the link below!

>>>Watch Drama Movies Voice 2<<<

This drama is a little different from other Korean dramas in general. The crime genre that is spiced with super powers is an interesting dish to try.

Moreover, the male lead also looks very authoritative, very balanced with . Even the main enemy looks cool.

Any other Korean dramas you want to watch? Write in the comments column, yes!

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