5 rarely used smartphone led flash functions

With the LED Flash on your smartphone, you can take photos even in the dark. But in addition to photo purposes, it turns out that LED Flash also has many other functions.

When buying a new smartphone, you have to consider many things, from the processor, battery, to the camera. For photography lovers, smartphone camera specifications are things that must be considered. At least a good smartphone camera must already support auto focus and LED Flash.

LED Flash on smartphones is useful for providing additional lighting when taking photos in low light rooms. But apart from that, apparently there are other functions of LED Flash on smartphones.

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Other Functions of LED Flash on Smartphone

With the presence of an LED Flash on your smartphone, you will have no trouble taking pictures in a dark room. And again the glow in the LED Flash is also very helpful to help remove shadows from photo objects. But apparently there are other functions of LED Flash on smartphones other than for photos.

1. Projector

When you're camping with your nephew or sister, you can entertain them using an LED Flash. The trick is to project an image from a photo or hand shadow using a flash on a smartphone.

2. Notification Reminder

With the help of the Flash Notification application on your Android smartphone, you can easily change the LED Flash as a reminder if there is a notification. Later every time there is a message, the LED Flash will light up according to your settings.

3. To Measure Heart Rate

No need for a sophisticated smartphone that has been equipped with a heart rate sensor to find out your heart health. Because on Android smartphones there are advanced applications that will help you calculate your heart rate only with the help of the camera's LED flash.

Is an app Instant Heart Rate, which utilizes the camera and LED Flash to monitor changes in color and blood flow rate to calculate your heart rate. To use it, you can try reading the article How to Measure Heart Rate Using Android.

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4. As a Flashlight

Stuck in the dark conditions of the house when suddenly there was a power outage? No need to worry if your smartphone is equipped with an LED Flash, because you can use it to turn your smartphone into a flashlight.

No need for a special application, because Google has embedded the Torch LED Flash feature in the Android operating system. Just open Quick Settings, there you will find a flashlight icon.

5. Emergency Flashlight

Unlike the built-in flashlight feature, with the help of the app Tiny Flashlight, you can make your smartphone into an emergency flashlight when under certain conditions.

For example, when you are trapped in a dark cave, or lost in the mountains. With this application you can try to send an emergency password in the form of an SOS light or Morse code. Interestingly, this application will automatically convert ordinary words into morse code by blinking the LED Flash.

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How, apart from being a support for photography purposes, LED Flash on smartphones has other features that are no less important and useful, right? So you really have to buy a new smartphone that has been supported by LED Flash.

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