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7 of the best ninja anime of all time, full of moves and action

Want to watch ninja anime like Naruto? Here is a list of recommended ninja-themed anime that you can watch that are full of action and comedy.

Anime often takes the theme of Japanese culture to make the anime more popular when it is released in Japan.

Stories about samurai, former rulers of Japan, Japanese horror are the theme of choice for manga and anime makers to be appointed to their series.

One of the Japanese themes that is often raised in anime is Ninja, this mysterious fighter is described differently in almost every anime series.

7 Best Ninja Anime

Ninjas are known as superior fighters who often attack suddenly and use Jutsu specifically to defeat his opponent.

Ninja characters are translated into unique and different nuances according to the imagination of the story writer. This often differs from one anime to another.

What are the best ninja anime of all time that you can watch in your spare time? Here's more information.

1. Nintama Rantarou

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This anime tries to portrays a ninja very different from the stereotype cruel and cold blooded.

Nintama Rantarou talked about the journey of 3 friends who study at ninja college. This anime belongs to the comedy anime with the theme of everyday life in ninja colleges.

This comedy anime is filled with funny anime jokes that occur because of the actions of these 3 friends who often throw tantrums.

2. Ninja Scroll

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Ninja Scroll tells the story of a swordsman who must protect the last ninja who tries to uncover the truth about the destruction of a village.

This conflict is growing and the warrior have to deal with people from his past.

This action anime filled with thrilling action and battle scenes. The characters in this anime are also described as having extraordinary powers.

3. Ninja Girl and Samurai Master (Nobunaga no Shinobi)

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This one anime made with a cute design and also colorful. Even so, the main character in this anime is a great ninja who is often assigned to kill.

Chidori is a character who looks weak even though he is a reliable ninja who is a member of the army of a ruling figure in Japan, Nobunaga.

This anime combines elements of action and comedy and suitable to watch as light entertainment on the sidelines of busyness.

4. Flame of Recca

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This one film tries to tell the lives of the almost extinct ninjas in modern times.

The story in this anime focuses on Recca's journey to become the strongest ninja with the power of fire.

Flame of Recca also briefly aired on one of the national television stations and was quite loved by children.

5. Ninja Hatori

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Ninja Hatori tells the story of the journey of Ninja from the Iga clan with his sister and dog who settled in the Kenichi Mitsuba family residence.

Hattori and Kenichi often gets into trouble with a ninja from the Koga clan, Kimimaki. This anime story focuses on the daily activities of Hattori and Kenichi.

This anime has a theme similar to the popular anime Doraemon where the main character of this anime must help a poor and lazy child.

6. Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

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Basilisk tells the story of the rivalry between the ninja clans Kouga and Iga which was rekindled after the ruler of Japan died.

These two clans were employed by the 2 sons of the deceased ruler and forced to fight each other to determine who should replace the father.

The two main characters in this anime are a husband and wife who are forced to face each other because of the rivalry between these clans.

7. Naruto Shippuden

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Naruto is one of the most popular anime in Japan, even worldwide. Anime that tells about Naruto's journey to become Hokage is loved by many people.

Naruto Shippuden describes a world where ninjas become a common entity and even become the center of the government system in a village.

One of this best anime describe the various moves cool that can be used by the ninja in defeating his opponents.

That's the 7 anime about the best ninja of all time that you can watch as entertainment on the weekend.

This ninja-themed anime is not just a serious anime, because anime cultivators are also trying to strip away their identity mainstream of the ninjas.

Even so, ninja characters are still described as characters who have greater strength than humans in general.

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