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The best sci-fi movie recommendations of all time, will make you think!

Do you like watching Sci-Fi movies? If so, try checking this list of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time that Jaka recommends, guaranteed to make you think!

What genre of film do you like the most, gang? Among the many film genres that exist, there must be one that answers the genre Sci-Fi or science fiction.

Although it makes the audience have to think hard in order to understand the content of the story, in fact watching Sci-Fi movies brings its own sensation that is pleasant for some people.

Therefore, this time Jaka wants to give you a recommendation The best Sci-Fi movies of all time JalanTikus version!

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

In fact, what is a sci-fi movie that? In short, the Sci-Fi film genre is a genre that tells about the influence of science and technology on human life in general.

Sometimes many Sci-Fi movies tell about the future, where cutting-edge technologies emerge that don't exist now. The simplest example is a time machine.

Before reading this list, ApkVenue recommends watching the following films more than once because they are heavy. It took a few times to watch it to fully understand.

So, what are the best Sci-Fi movies of all time?

1. Inception

Photo source: Letterboxd

The first Sci-Fi film that ApkVenue will recommend for you is Inception, the film is often regarded as one of the best films of all time.

This film is played by top actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, until Tom Hardy.

Inception is a film where the main character must enter other people's dreams and look for objects. This film is guaranteed to make you think and love because the plot is unpredictable, gang!

Ratings (IMDB)8.8 (1.830.823)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)86%
Duration2 hours 28 min
Release DateJuly 16, 2010
DirectorChristopher Nolan
PlayerLeonardo DiCaprio

Ellen Page

2. Avengers: Endgame

Photo source: IMDB

In order to bring back the people who disappeared from Thanos' snap, the Avengers made a time machine to borrow infinity stones from the past.

I think Jaka doesn't need to explain too much about the film Avengers: Endgame this one, because Jaka is sure you already know a lot about this film.

InformationAvengers Endgame
Ratings (IMDB)8.8 (397.205)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)94%
Duration3 hours 1 min
Release Date26 April 2019
DirectorAnthony & Joe Russo
PlayerRobert Downey Jr.

Mark Ruffalo

3. The Matrix

Photo source: MSN.com

Of course, this list will not be complete if Jaka does not include the film The Matrix played by Keanu Reeves.

This film tells the story of a future dystopia where humanity is trapped in a simulated reality and is used as an energy source for AI creatures.

InformationThe Matrix
Ratings (IMDB)8.7 (1.500.688)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)88%
Duration2 hours 16 min
Release DateMarch 31, 1999
DirectorThe Wachowski Brothers
PlayerKeanu Reeves

Carrie-Anne Moss

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4. Interstellar

Photo source: Hollywood Reporter

You can see the journey to find life on a new planet due to the destruction of the Earth through movies Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan.

This film is able to depict in real terms the destruction of the Earth in the future, as if that is what will really happen in the future.

Ratings (IMDB)8.6 (1.289.881)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)72%
Duration2 hours 49 min
Release DateNovember 7, 2014
DirectorChristopher Nolan
PlayerMatthew McConaughey

Jessica Chastain

5. Back to the Future

Photo source: Hollywood Reporter

When we talk about time travel, of course, what sticks in our minds the most is movies Back to the Future.

This film tells the story of a teenager who is sent to the past to repair the damage of history with the help of a scientist.

InformationBack to the Future
Ratings (IMDB)8.5 (931.092)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)96%
Duration1 hour 56 min
Release Date3 July 1985
DirectorRobert Zemeckis
PlayerMichael J. Fox

Lea Thompson

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Photo source: Time Out

If you are looking for a Sci-Fi movie that still contains elements of comedy, you can watch the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this one.

Played by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, this film tells the story of a romantic relationship between two people who realize that they were in love before they even met.

InformationEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ratings (IMDB)8.3 (821.899)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)93%
Duration1 hour 48 min
Release DateMarch 19, 2004
DirectorMichel Gondry
PlayerJim Carrey

Tom Wilkinson

7. Mad Max: Fury Road

Photo source: YouTube

Film Mad Max: Fury Road tells about our anxieties about the future: resource scarcity, climate change, to a small apocalypse.

In this film, it will tell how a group of people who run away from their leader must fight to survive on an Earth where gasoline and water are scarce.

InformationMad Max: Fury Road
Ratings (IMDB)8.1 (776.723)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)97%
Duration2 hours 0 min
Release Date15 May 2015
DirectorGeorge Miller
PlayerTom Hardy

Nicholas Hoult

8. Terminator

Photo source: Shat the Movies

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger most identical to the movie Terminator. In the film, Arnold plays the role of cyborg assassins sent from 2029 to 1984.

He has a mission to kill a woman whose son has wreaked havoc in the future.

Ratings (IMDB)8.0 (726.756)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)100%
Duration1 hour 47 min
Release DateOctober 26, 1984
DirectorJames Cameron
PlayerArnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Biehn

9. The Martian

Photo source: Gorton Community Center

The Martian is a film based on a novel, telling the story of an astronaut who was left on Mars because he was caught in a sandstorm.

We can see how the main character struggles to survive alone on an alien planet while waiting for reinforcements to come to him.

InformationThe Martian
Ratings (IMDB)8.0 (676.244)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)91%
Duration2 hours 24 min
Release DateOctober 2, 2015
DirectorRidley Scott
PlayerMatt Damon

Kristen Wiig

10. Star Trek

Photo source: FutureDude Entertainment

Star Trek is one of the most successful franchises of all time. Star Trek in this film is the eleventh Star Trek series which was released in 2009.

This film tells the story of James T. Kirk and Spock before becoming the crew of the USS Enterprise to fight Nero. F

This film is an alternate reality, so it doesn't need continuity from the previous film.

InformationStar Trek
Ratings (IMDB)8.0 (555.741)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)94%
Duration2 hours 7 min
Release DateMay 8, 2009
DirectorJ.J. Abrams
PlayerChris Pine

Simon Pegg

11. Arrival

Photo source: Straight From a Movie

Starring by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, movie Arrival tells the story of mankind's struggle to understand extraterrestrials who arrived on Earth.

The characters in this film must be able to learn the foreign symbols used as written language by the aliens.

Ratings (IMDB)7.9 (511.179)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)94%
Duration1 hour 56 min
Release Date11 November 2016
DirectorDenis Villeneuve
PlayerAmy Adams

Forest Whitaker

12. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Photo source: TIFF.net

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the classic Sci-Fi movies that is still worth watching. Moreover, the friendship between humans and aliens is described so sweetly.

The plot of this film is arguably more relaxed when compared to other Sci-Fi films on this list.

InformationE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Ratings (IMDB)7.9 (336.010)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Duration1 hour 55 min
Release DateJune 11, 1982
DirectorSteven Spielberg
PlayerHenry Thomas

Peter Coyote

13. Gravity

Photo source: The New Yorker

The best Sci-Fi movies that ApkVenue will recommend for you are Gravity. This film tells the story of two scientists who are stranded in space.

They had to do something to get back to Earth. This film is shaded by a tense atmosphere that surrounds the entire film, but is able to captivate the audience.

Ratings (IMDB)7.7 (707.240)
Rating (Rotten Tomatoes)96%
Duration1 hour 31 min
Release DateOctober 4, 2013
DirectorAlfonso Cuar n
PlayerSandra Bullock

Ed Harris

That's a recommendation The best Sci-Fi movies of all time Jack's version. Which one is your favourite, gang? Write in the comments column, yes!

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