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how to whatsapp for free as much as you like without quota & applications

Want to WA with your crush as much as you want without fear of running out of credit? Let's see how to WA for free without quota and the following application!

WhatsApp (WA) be one the latest and best chat application currently used. This is evidenced by the number of users who have exceeded 100 million people.

Starting from office workers, students, parents, to lovers routinely use it. Features that practical and simple So the main reason why WhatsApp is so popular.

Investigate, it turns out that you can use WA for free, you know! How come? Be patient, Jaka will explain one by one free WA way without quota and even without any application. Just set it once, you can WA as much as you like with your crush!

How to WhatsApp/WA Free

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As is tech hack this one, you don't need to be confused or panic if your WA chat suddenly doesn't have a tick because it's running out of quota. You can WA as much as you like without being hindered by costs.

You can also use WhatsApp MOD APK series with the best features This is to feel the WA experience to the fullest that you can't find in regular WA applications, gang!

There is 2 free WA ways without quota that you can use, namely without using any application and using third-party applications. Which one to choose, it's up to you. Let's look at the guide below!


Here, Jaka only provides information, yes! Various types of hazards and risks that arise are the responsibility of the user 100%.

How to WhatsApp/WA Free Without an Application

The first, Jaka will tell how to WA free without application. For this one guide, we will fully use Access Point Names (APN) which you can configure through the settings on your own smartphone.

The free WhatsApp/WA method without quota and this application only applies to certain providers, such as Telkomsel, 3, Axis, and XL. Instead of lingering, here's a guide!

Step - 1: Please go to the APN settings on your smartphone. How, tap Settings > Connection > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

Step - 2: After that, to add a new APN, tap Add. For the next step, please write and enter information below corresponds to provider that you use.

1. Telkomsel Provider

For those of you who use the provider Telkomsel, you can use the guide below.


2. Provider XL

For those of you who use the provider XL, you can use the guide below.


3. Provider Axis

For those of you who use the provider Axis, you can use the guide below.


4. Provider 3 (Tri)

For those of you who use the provider 3/Tri, you can use the guide below.


Step - 3: After that, the next step is to set the APN as the default APN on your smartphone. Finished! You can try WA's for free.

For your information, the method above doesn't necessarily work applied to all smartphones, yes, gang. In addition, ApkVenue also does not recommend that you use it, considering that this method will very detrimental the provider concerned.

How to WhatsApp/WA Free with Applications

If the method above doesn't work, like it or not, you have to use a third-party application, gang. This free WA method can be used on all providers, such as Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Axis, up to 3.

Here, ApkVenue will use an application called AnonyTun. You can also use this application for surf the internet for freelol! Instead of lingering, here are the steps!

Step - 1: Please download the application AnonyTun on Google Play. Instead of being complicated, Jaka has provided the application below. Please download immediately!

Apps Utilities Art Of Tunnel DOWNLOAD

Step - 2: After entering the application, tap menu Stealth Settings at the top right. Next, adjust the settings in the following order!

1. Turn on/tap ON on button Stealth Tunnel On/Off.

2. Then in the Connection Protocol, please choose TCP.

3. Later on the Connection Port section will be written a number 8080 automatically. Just shut up.

4. Please turn on/tap the button Custom TCP/HTTP Headers. This is the most important, so you should do it.

Step - 3: Later after you turn on/tap the Custom TCP/HTTP Header button, the button Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers will activate automatically.

The function of this button is to speed up the internet connection on your smartphone. Please tap the button, then adjust the settings in the following order!

1. For URL/Host, there is already written address Let it be.

2. In section Request Method, you can choose Get or Post.

3. To Injection Method, choose Normal.

4. Shut up Query Method, do not check anything.

5. In the Extra Headers section, check Keep Alive.

Step - 4: After the settings are correct as Jaka wrote above, tap Generate. Later the results will appear as below!

If so, tap Save, then tap Save again.

Step - 5: Well, now your smartphone can be used to send WhatsApp messages for free. To do this, return to the very beginning of AnonyTun's page, then tap the button Connect.

Finished! That's how free WA can be applied on your cellphone. But again, Jaka reminds you, you can only use this method during an emergency, gang!

That was the free WhatsApp/WA method that you can apply on your respective smartphone. How about it, it's so easy isn't it? If you have another way, you can write it in the comments column below. Keep up with Jaka's other posts, okay!

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