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7 comedians who got superhero roles, their acting failed miserably?

Not always synonymous with cool and authoritative figures, some of the following comedy stars have actually succeeded in playing superhero characters, you know!

Maybe there are some of you who think if superhero character synonymous with actors who are handsome and beautiful, cool, and also authoritative, huh?

There's nothing wrong with that, considering that some iconic superhero characters like Tony Stark, Captain America, and many others are indeed played by authoritative and charismatic actors.

But not inferior to these actors, it turns out that there are also many comedians aka comedians who with their humorous nature have succeeded in getting superhero roles, gangs.

Do not believe? Just listen to the discussion about comedian or comedy star who gets the role of a superhero the following!

Comedian Who Got Superhero Role

Who said that comedians don't deserve to play superhero characters? The proof is that the following comedians have succeeded in getting superhero roles and managed to make them more colorful, you know!

Want to know anyone? Here is the full list. Check it out!

1. Paul Rudd - Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Even though I don't want to think of myself as a comedian, but in fact Paul Rudd is known for his funny roles in films.

Even thanks to his witty nature, Paul Rudd managed to become one of the comedy stars who got a superhero role in Marvel movies, you know, gang!

Paul Rudd plays a superhero character Ant-Mant aka Scott Lang in several Marvel films that have succeeded in making the audience laugh amused at his funny actions.

2. Chris Pratt - Peter Quill

Next up is the actor Chris Pratt who succeeded in bringing laughter through his superhero role as Peter Quill in several Marvel films.

Although not really a comedian, but Chris Pratt himself is indeed known as a comedy star since his appearance in one of the TV series entitled Parks and Recreation year 2009 ago.

In fact, through his role in the TV series, Chris Pratt was successfully nominated as the best supporting actor in a comedy series, you know, gang.

3. Kumail Nanjiani - The Eternals (Kingo)

If two comedy stars who have played superhero characters before have never admitted that they are comedians, then it's different Kumail Nanjiani, gang.

Kumail himself is indeed an actor and comedian who is known for his role in the TV series entitled Silicon Valley which aired on HBO.

This comedic actor was later known to take part in a Marvel production film titled The Eternals, and plays a superhero named Kingo.

4. Taika Waititi - Korg

The comedian who gets the next superhero role is an actor Taika Waititi who is a member of a comedy group called So You're a Man.

Taika appeared in the Marvel movie titled Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 ago and played a superhero character Korg.

Besides having history As a comedian and actor, Taika Waititi is also apparently a film director and scriptwriter, you know, gang.

Taika even became a director in the Marvel movie that he starred in.

5. Benedict Wong - Wong

Began to be known to the public since his appearance in the film Doctor Strange play a superhero Wong, who would have thought that an actor Benedict Wong also seems to have history as a comedian, you know!

Benedict apparently made his debut appearance in 1993 by playing in a sitcom called 15 Storeys High, playing the character of Errol Spears.

In addition to the Doctor Strange film, Benedict Wong himself has now played several times in Marvel films such as Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

6. Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Next there is Ryan Reynolds, an actor who once regretted his role in a DC-made film. Just like Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds is also not really a comedian, gang.

Even so, Ryan Reynolds managed to present a fairly thick comedy element through his superhero role as Wade Wilson in the movie Deadpool in 2016.

In fact, because of his role, Ryan Reynolds managed to bring home the award trophy as Best Actor in Comedy, you know!

7. Zachary Levi - Shazam

Last one Zachary Levi who plays a superhero character Shazam in the film directed by David F. Sandberg, Shazam!.

Even though he's not really a comedian, Zachary Levi himself apparently made his debut broadwayin a production musical comedy entitled First Date (2013).

Not to mention his role as Shazam in the film is also quite successful in presenting elements of comedy that are so thick. That's why Zachary is often mistaken for a comedian by many people, gang.

Well, that's some comedians or comedy stars who have succeeded in getting superhero roles in films, gangs.

Although the superhero character itself is quite synonymous with a cool and authoritative figure, the comedy stars above are no less cool to play superhero characters. Do you agree?

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