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12 types of dangerous computer viruses 2018|you can make!

A collection of types of viruses that are harmful to your computer and effective ways to deal with them. There is an antivirus application that you can download for free too!

Your computer is often hit virus?

Viruses are commonly found on a computer, especially one that has a Windows operating system. This virus can spread through the internet or files transferred from other devices.

Basically computer virus is a malicious program that can damage the system or data on your computer and can spread to other computers.

Viruses themselves vary with different effects. This time, ApkVenue will provide you with information about what types of computer viruses are common and dangerous.

Types of Dangerous Computer Viruses and How to Overcome Them

Viruses are dangerous if left on your computer, besides being able to randomly delete data but can also damage the operating system of your computer.

One of the surefire ways to deal with the virus is anti Virus. An application that can detect viruses and remove them from the computer.

Here's more information about the types of computer viruses and how to deal with them:

1. Trojans

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The first type of computer virus is Trojans.

This virus is a type of computer virus that has the ability to control or even steal data on a computer device.

Trojan type viruses usually come from the internet or e-mail received by user. Usually, to overcome this type of virus you can use softwareTrojan Remover.

2. Worm

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Virus type worms is a type of computer virus that is able to create useless random files and can fill your PC's hard drive.

In addition, Worms are quite dangerous because they are able to grow and multiply.

The way to overcome this is very easy, namely by doing scanning using Avast Antivirus.

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3. Memory Resident Virus

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Memory Resident Virus is a type of computer virus that can infect RAM on a computer. The effect of this type of virus is to make computer performance slower and less than optimal.

The fix is ​​to use an antivirus like Avast, Avira, and the like.

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4. Multipartite Virus

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Multipartite Virus usually consists of several files that can infect your PC's operating system with many effects such as formatting the HDD automatically to making some applications unable to open.

The way to solve this is to do Defrag Hard disk regularly and routinely scan through Antivirus.

5. FAT Virus

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Virus type File Allocation Table This is a computer virus that can damage files in certain directories.

Files that are infected with this type of virus will usually be hidden, so it's as if the file has disappeared.

So, if there are some files on your computer that mysteriously disappeared, could be the cause is FAT virus. The way to fix it is the same as other viruses, namely using an antivirus.


6. Directory Virus

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Directory Virus is a type of virus that infects files .exe extension. Maybe you've run an .exe file on your computer but can't run as usual.

If not handled quickly, this type of virus can damage all exe files on your computer. Sometimes, antivirus not enough to deal with this type of virus.

The worst case is that it requires you to format the HDD and reinstall the OS.

7. Macro Virus

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Macro viruses can infect macro files such as .docm, .xls, .pps, and its kind. This type of virus often comes from e-mail that you receive.

Try to avoid incoming foreign messages and regularly scan your computer with an antivirus.

8. Boot Sector Virus

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Boot Sector Virus is a type of virus on a computer that is capable of infecting the smallest part of a computer device boot sector disk.

When the computer system is working, this type of virus is able to move anywhere to infect existing files. The way to deal with this virus is to do hard drive settings you in Write Protect.

9. Overwrite Virus

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Overwrite Virus able to delete files or data that have been infected without reducing the capacity of the computer's hard disk.

So, basically the infected file will be lost, but the hard disk capacity will remain normal, as if the file is still in the directory.

Of course this will make you not suspicious if there are deleted files on your computer. The way to deal with this type of virus is to delete the infected file so it doesn't spread to other files.

10. Direct Action Virus

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Direct Action Virus is a computer virus that is capable of infecting the Autoxec Bat file type located in the hard disk directory. This type of computer virus is usually active when the operating system first performs an operation boot.

In addition, this virus is also capable of infecting external devices such as hard disks and flash drives, which can make this virus spread from one computer to another.

The way to overcome this is very easy, namely by doing scanning regularly use antivirus.

11. Polymorphic Virus

Polymorphic Virus is the name of a computer virus that infects Polymorphic encryption of data. This type of virus will have a negative impact on data and its functions.

This virus can grow and create its own encryption that can change so that it is difficult for Antivirus to detect.

If you have been attacked by this kind of virus thoroughly, the only thing you can do is ask the programmers for help.

12. Companion Virus

Well, if this type of computer virus is quite different from other viruses. Companion Virus will duplicate the data and make the data in .com format.

Of course with that your storage capacity will be consumed. You can overcome this virus with an antivirus.

Make Your Own Virus

Viruses are not all complex and difficult to make, you can prank your friends by just using Notepad with some coding commands in it.

There are various kinds of viruses/hacking that you can create, including Creating Virus Shutdown, Turning Off the Internet Permanently, Virus Caps Lock, and many more.

You can see the complete method in the Jaka article below:


Best Antivirus Apps

Before you infected with viruses above, it would be nice if you want to use anti Virus first to avoid it. Antivirus is useful for detecting and removing virus files that attack your computer.

Basically, all forms of antivirus are the same in function and performance. However, the difference is only in the introduction of the antivirus against the virus itself. Examples of computer viruses that are eradicated by NOD32 are Trojans, Worms, FAT, and others.

Antivirus that is updated continuously against the latest computer virus developments can be said to be a good antivirus. Currently, ApkVenue uses NOD32 Antivirus for the main PC.

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Things that must be considered to secure your computer using NOD32:

  1. Scan computer
  2. Delete files on Quarantine (files imprisoned for harming the device)
  3. Scan any Flash Disk or external HDD installed on your computer.

By doing the above regularly, your computer will be protected from malicious viruses. Well, if you want another Antivirus, you can see in the previous Jaka article about the Best PC Antivirus.

Those are 10 dangerous computer viruses that you commonly find on your PC and how to deal with them. Caring for your PC is not only from the outside, but you also have to take care of it from the inside.

Remember, all devices that have an operating system have the opportunity to be infected with a malicious virus like your smartphone.

Which virus is attacking your PC device, guys? write in the comments column so we can discuss it. Don't forget to like and share.

See you in the next article!

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