the causes and solutions of the whatsapp application cannot be opened

Have you ever wanted to reply to an incoming chat, your WhatsApp application had an error and couldn't be opened? But you don't need to worry, because this time ApkVenue will discuss the causes of WhatsApp that can't be opened.

Have you ever experienced cases of WhatsApp not opening? Or other social media, such as Instagram can't be opened? You must be very annoyed.

Apparently, there are many factors that cause the WhatsApp application to not work optimally. But you don't need to worry, because this time ApkVenue will discuss the cause of this WhatsApp error.

In addition, Jaka also provides a solution so that the WhatsApp application that could not be opened earlier can be used normally again.

Cause the WhatsApp Application Can't Be Opened

As we have discussed before, we will tell you what causes the WhatsApp application to not be opened, take a good look at this article.

1. Your Smartphone is No longer supported

The first reason why WhatsApp cannot be opened is that the smartphone you are using does not support the WhatsApp application. As you know, every smartphone will always be updated.

Currently, the specifications for using the WhatsApp application are at least Android with OS 4.0 and iPhone with IOS 8. So, when WhatsApp cannot be opened, make sure your smartphone supports the WhatsApp application. And immediately update if there is a new update.

2. WhatsApp application has expired

The second reason is that the WhatsApp application that you are using has expired, or is still an old version. Every time, WhatsApp will always provide updates to overcome bugs in the application.

So, the reason why WhatsApp can't be opened could be because you're still using the old version. Due to the lagging version, finally your WhatsApp can't make video calls and others.

3. Poor Internet Connection

The cause of WhatsApp cannot be opened can also be caused by an unstable internet connection problem. As a result, WhatsApp can't even send messages, or even can't be opened at all. This often happens on the iPhone.

4. Whatsapp Cache Piling

The last reason why WhatsApp can't be opened may be because there are so many cache which accumulates. More and more Cache accumulates on smartphone applications, making some applications heavy and cannot be opened.

WhatsApp Application Solution That Can't Be Opened

After knowing the reason why the WhatsApp application cannot be opened, this time Jaka will provide a solution if your WhatsApp application cannot be opened. Here's how to solve WhatsApp that can't be opened:

1. Update WhatsApp OS and Applications

The first solution is to update your smartphone OS, and also update the WhatsApp application. Make it a habit to always use the latest operating system and application versions, because they usually have fewer bugs.

2. Clear Whatsapp App Cache

The next way to solve WhatsApp that cannot be opened is to clear the WhatsApp cache. To do this, open the "Settings" menu on your smartphone, then select "Applications". Select "WhatsApp", and select "Clear Cache". Do this method periodically so that the cache does not accumulate.

3. Clear WhatsApp App Data

In addition to clearing cache, you can also solve WhatsApp not opening by deleting data. The method is almost the same as clearing the previous cache, but what you choose is "Clear Data.

Keep in mind, by deleting data, it will eliminate all data, such as lost WhatsApp chats, media and contacts. So it is recommended to backup first to protect important chats.

4. Restart Smartphone

Why WhatsApp can't be opened can also be caused by a lot of system memory running. To fix this, try restarting your smartphone. When turned on again, voila Your WhatsApp can be reopened.

5. Reinstall the Whatsapp Application

If you have run all the solutions that ApkVenue provides but WhatsApp cannot be opened, you can delete the WhatsApp application from your cellphone, then reinstall it.

Well, that was the reason why the WhatsApp application couldn't be opened and the solution. How about it, gang, isn't it easy to overcome this WhatsApp application that can't be opened? If you have criticisms and suggestions, you can make them in the comments column, yes!

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