7 of the best educational apps on Android that make you smarter

this one thing never escapes our attention in the slightest. Here are 7 of the best educational apps on Android that can make you smarter.

Not just for playing games, accessing social media, or even taking selfies. Smartphones can also be used to support activities learn how to teach in school, of course, if used wisely.

Now, there are so many educational applications on Android that you can use to support your activities as a teacher model student. From starting to hone foreign language skills, to making learning more fun.

Of course, learning through smartphones is very effective. The reason is, this one object never escapes the slightest of our attention. Here are 7 of the best educational apps on Android that can make you smarter.

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7 Best Educational Apps On Android

1. Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill

In your school there is a lesson Mandarin language? Dizzy half to death? Relax, you can take advantage of the application Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill.

This educational application that allows you to learn Mandarin in an easy and fun way.

Apps Utilities ChineseSkill - Learn Chinese Language Education DOWNLOAD

After you install it, open the application and you will find 3 main sections namely Learn, Review, and Discover. Don't worry about difficulties, because you will learn Chinese completely from scratch.

Starting from Basic 1 to 3 and beyond you will learn colors, numbers, food, time, questions, and much more. Please try it yourself, don't be surprised if you get a score of 100.

2. Programming Hub, Learn to code

The next educational app to learn programming languages ​​alias coding that is Programming Hub, Learn to code. In this digital era, it feels like programming skills and coding must be owned by everyone, especially for those of you who are still students.

Apps Utilities Neximo Labs DOWNLOAD

Programming Hub, Learn to code is a learning application coding and the HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming languages. This app has offline compiler to learn and practice without the need for an Internet connection.

There is a large collection of programming examples, and comprehensive course materials. Everything you need to learn coding in-bundle in the Programming Hub application, Learn to code.


3. Duolingo - Learn Languages

Do you always have low grades in English? Or are you often ridiculed by your friends because of your English? smudged? Change your destiny and improve your English skills with Duolingo.

Apps Education Duolingo DOWNLOAD

Duolingo is an educational application for learning foreign languages, especially English. Not only available on Android, but can be used on iOS and web-based applications via your computer browser.

4. PhotoMath

Mathematics, one of the most hated and loved subjects. If you want to learn math but are confused when you have to learn it through books or the internet? Use PhotoMath just.

Apps Productivity Microblink DOWNLOAD

PhotoMath is the best educational app on Android that successfully combines a camera with a calculator. So if there is a difficult math problem, then you only need to open this application and point the camera at the desired problem.

The answer will appear automatically on the screen and should still be accurate if it is supported by a quality camera. For further tutorials on using PhotoMath, you can read the following article.


5. Journey - Diary, Journal

Times are sophisticated, noting material or class schedules doesn't have to be in a book. You can use a digital notepad and one of the best is Journey - Diary, Journal.

The Journey - Diary, Journal application is useful for recording lesson materials and reminding your schedule of activities that must be done. Using this application is very easy and simple for those of you who don't want to be complicated.

Apps Office & Business Tools 2 App Studio DOWNLOAD

This application is perfect for you model students who have a busy schedule and want to manage time as efficiently as possible so that assignments are fulfilled and other important things are carried out.

6. Office Lens

If your teacher / lecturer has explained the lesson at length on the blackboard, then they tell you to take notes, this is where the basic use of the Application Office Lens.

By using an application made by Microsoft called Office Lens, it will be very helpful for students and students in recording various things, ranging from materials, announcements to banners/posters.

Microsoft Corporation Office & Business Tools Apps DOWNLOAD

You just simply take a picture of the whiteboard, and everything will be recorded clearly. REMEMBER! This is not an ordinary camera application, yes, you can take pictures from various angles without having to be afraid of losing every word.


7. Ruangguru Learning Solutions

Teacher's room is one of the best online learning apps on Android. With this Ruangguru application you can ask for help by uploading questions that you find difficult with your Android smartphone.

Apps Productivity Ruangguru DOWNLOAD

Ruangguru's online learning application can help answer questions in mathematics, physics at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Another excellent feature is that you can use Audio Call to discuss directly with your teacher, you can even take lessons.

Those are the 7 best educational apps on Android, which can support learning activities and make you smarter. Hopefully useful, don't waste time and learn from now on. Share your opinion too!

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