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how to restore lost whatsapp contacts, easy!

WhatsApp contacts suddenly deleted or lost? Oops, must have panicked! But don't worry! Jaka will give tips on how to restore lost WA contacts.

As one of the most popular chat applications, almost all smartphone users must use the WhatsApp application.

The popularity of WA also makes almost everyone around you use this application so that you have a lot of contacts on your cellphone.

You must also save WhatsApp contacts that have people you consider important, such as family, girlfriends, exes, to bosses at the office.

But, what happens if a WhatsApp contact is lost or deleted? In fact, you were just about to contact that person. You must be panicking!

Don't worry, gang! Because, Jaka has how to restore lost WA contacts on HP so you can get back in touch with that person. Curious, right?

How to Restore Lost WhatsApp Contacts

Not a few cases have happened to WhatsApp users, for example, suddenly losing some or all of the contacts in the application.

But there's no need to panic, you can handle it by following how to restore lost or deleted WhatsApp contacts the following! Check, yes!

1. How to Restore WA Contacts by Clearing Cache

The first way is to clear the cache on the cellphone. You can use this method when your contacts on WhatsApp suddenly disappear. Here are the steps.

- Step 1: Open menu Settings on HP. Continue by selecting Apps, then select an application WhatsApp.

- Step 2: choose Storage. You can delete it right away cache WA by pressing the button Clear Cache.

After clearing the cache, you can restart the smartphone and see if your lost WhatsApp contacts have reappeared.

2. How to Restore WA Contacts by Changing Permissions

This method is actually a preventive measure to avoid WhatsApp contacts being lost or deleted at any time. Here's how:

- Step 1: Go to menu Settings. Choose an option Apps, then select an application WhatsApp.

- Step 2: Click menu Permissions, then activate the tab Contacts until the icon to the right is green.

After that, your WhatsApp contacts will be safe because you have given permission to the WhatsApp application to access your contacts.

3. How to Restore WA Contacts with Gmail Sync

The third way is to sync your Gmail account so that contacts in Gmail will be connected directly to contacts on WhatsApp.

- Step 1: Open the contact on your smartphone, then select three dots icon which is on the top right. Continue by selecting Import/export.

- Step 2: Continue with exporting contacts on your cellphone so that they can be directly copied to contacts in Gmail later.

If it has been synced, it is unlikely that the contacts on your WhatsApp will be lost, gang.

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Contacts

In addition to being lost, WhatsApp contacts can be deleted for various reasons, for example being deleted by someone who hacked your WA, or because of your own negligence.

Then, how to restore deleted contacts on WhatsApp? Curious? Come on, see the following explanation!

- Step 1: First, you have to install the application Recover Deleted Contacts first, gang..

- Step 2: After installation is complete, open the Recover Deleted Contacts application. Then, click the tab deleted which is right next to the tab All.

- Step 3: On the Deleted tab, you will see WhatsApp contacts that have been deleted. To restore it, you simply press the name of the contact.

- Step 4: Done, okay. The deleted WhatsApp contacts will reappear, gang.

It's easy, right? But keep in mind, the way you want will not work to restore WA contacts that have been deleted for a long time.

Because, WhatsApp contacts that have been deleted for a long time will not appear in the Deleted tab in this application so you can't restore them.

For that, make sure you immediately try how to restore this deleted WA contact as soon as you realize that the number is indeed deleted, gang.

Well, that was how to recover lost WhatsApp contacts or deleted on HP. You can also do this easily.

That way, you don't have to be afraid anymore that you can't contact a WA friend because even if the contact is lost, you can immediately return it.

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