5 free webtoon reading apps on Android, no hassle!

For those of you who like to read comics, below are recommendations for 5 free webtoon reading applications on Android. All of these applications can be downloaded on the PlayStore.

Are you looking for a webtoon reading app? Well, this time Jaka wants to share 5 free webtoon reading apps on Android.

For those of you who don't know, webtoons are online comics that were originally created in South Korea.

The difference with manga (Japanese comics), Webtoons can usually be enjoyed for free and the pictures are more colorful, where manga usually only black and white.

Free Webtoon Reading App on Android

Currently, there are many webtoon applications that you can download.

These applications present various kinds of comics online and offline.

No need to linger, here Jaka selects 5 webtoon reading applications for free Android phones. Listen, yes!

1. LINE Webtoon

You must be familiar with this one comic reading application.

The first free Webtoon reading app on Android is LINE Webtoon.

In this application there are more than 7000 free online comics ranging from genres of romance, horror, comedy, to superheroes.

In this application you will find webtoons of familiar Indonesian comic artists, some of their works are Tahilalats, Ghosty's Comic, Too Handsome, and much more.

Recently, Webtoon hasupdates application, readers can top up coins and read chapters that should be out next week, even next month!

In addition, if you don't want to read comics online, you can also download the comics first and then read them offline.

Curious? Hurry up and download the LINE Webtoon application below!

DetailsLINE Webtoon
SizeVaries by device
Minimum AndroidVaries by device
Apps Entertainment NAVER Corp. DOWNLOAD

2. Webcomics (Neobazar Inc.)

The next free webtoon reading app on Android is Webcomics.

Developed by Neobazar Inc., in this application you can be very satisfied reading comics that can be accessed for free every day.

In addition to providing more than 100++ Korean and Indonesian webtoons, Webcomics also presents hundreds of Indonesian novels, both printed and unpublished.

The publisher is also not arbitrary, you know! The works here are from Gramedia Publishers, Haru Publishers, and Serambi Publishers.

So that you are not curious, it's better to download the application right away, gang!

Size2.5 MB
Minimum Android4.0.3 and up

3. Comica

Next there is a free webtoon reading application Comica. This comic reading application can be said to be similar to LINE Webtoon.

But, what's interesting about this application is the legend of the Korean comic world, Jeon Geuk Jin is here, you know!

Besides, there is also a genius writer Go Yeong Hun and other talented new authors.

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, this is the place to be.

Size13 MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up
Apps Entertainment Comica Entertainment Corp DOWNLOAD

4. Ciayo Comics

The next free webtoon reading application on Android is Ciayo Comics.

You can enjoy super cool comics by Indonesian comic artists from various genres ranging from action, drama, thriller, to comedy here.

You can feel very comfortable reading here because the UI or User Interface is very fresh. Unfortunately, in this application there is no save online feature so you must always read comics while connected to the internet.

Besides reading comics, Ciayo Comics also provides a platform for new comic artists to publish their work.

DetailsCiayo Comics
Size5.7 MB
Minimum Android4.2 and up
Apps Entertainment Dragon Capital Centre, PT. DOWNLOAD

5. Tory Comics

The last free webtoon reading app on this list is Tory Comics.

This application collects many genres of translated comics and can be read for free. However, there are some comics that cannot be read for free.

Usually only episodes 1-20 are free, then if you want to continue you have to use Coins which can be obtained from Tory Comics or top up.

Tory Comics will give you 100 free coins every day if you are diligent in opening this application and on the third day you will usually get 300 coins.

DetailsTory Comics
Size25 MB
Minimum Android4.0.3 and up

Those are the recommendations for 5 free webtoon reading applications on Android.

So, for you comic fans, now you don't have to buy comic books directly because you can read all of them online via an application on your cellphone.

Hope it is useful!

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