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how to display fps counter on android when playing games, easy!

To find out the performance of a smartphone when playing games, an FPS counter application is needed. From here you can know how tough the smartphone you are using is. Here's how to install it!

For those of you who like to play games on smartphones, you must be familiar with this one term, namely FPS.

FPS or Frames per Second is the number of images seen per second. Usually, to produce smooth image movement, a minimum frame rate is required 10 fps on your smartphone.

Well, this FPS will be even greater if you play games with HD graphics. Later you will need an FPS counter application or commonly called FPS Counter.

What are the benefits of this application, and how do you install it?

How to Display FPS Counter on Android when Playing Games

This application is useful for measuring the performance of your smartphone when playing games or operating heavy applications.

If the FPS value is too low to below 30 FPS, then the smartphone you are using is too forced to play the game.

It's different if the value is high up to hundreds of fps, then your smartphone is sophisticated and can be made to play various heavy games.

Well, one of the most popular FPS Counter applications is Game Booster. You can download it here:

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Actually, the main function of the application Game Booster is to increase the speed of the device and refine its appearance.

But this application can also be made to bring up FPS Meter, gang. So later, you will be able to see the FPS Meter in the corner of the smartphone screen while playing games.

Curious how? Check out the following guide!

Step - 1: Install Game Booster App

First, all you have to do is install the app Game Booster on your smartphone. If so, open the application.

On the start page, you will be asked to read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When finished, please tick in the space provided. After that, press Get Started.

Step - 2: Click the Right Panel to Set FPS Monitor

When finished pressing Get Started, you will be faced with a screen like this, with left and right panel settings.

Due to settings FPS Monitor is in the right pane, select the right panel. Later you will find several options, one of which is the FPS Monitor setting.

Step - 3: Enable FPS Monitor

So that you can see the FPS Meter, you must activate the FPS Monitor button on the screen. Press the button Activate.

Well, later a warning button will appear "Unlock for Free". Please press. You will see an ad within 15-30 seconds. Please wait and don't press anything until the ad is finished.

Step - 4: Allow App Access on Your Smartphone

After the ad is finished, a notification will appear from the Game Booster application to access your smartphone. If it appears, read it, then press excuse me.

After that, you will go to the main settings of your smartphone, where you are asked to accept the application request to access the features of your smartphone. Press Allowed or according to the settings of each smartphone.

Step - 5: FPS Meter Has Appeared and is Ready to Try

After all the settings have been you Allowed, you will see the FPS Meter appear in the right corner of your smartphone screen.

Well, now you can try to play various games that you like. An example that will be demonstrated here is PUBG Mobile.

After the application is started, you will see FPS Meter show numbers 60.2 fps. This means that smartphones can still be said to be capable of playing MOBA-themed games or actions such as Mobile Legends or Call of Duty.

If you have finished playing the game and want to stop it, just press the stop button on the application. Easy, right?

How to Increase FPS Value

Well, one of the uses of the application FPS Counter This kind of thing is to detect how strong your smartphone's performance is when dealing with heavy games or applications.

If the FPS value is too low to under 30 fps, you have to re-setting the game so that the FPS value can go up.

One way that is usually done is to lower the graphics settings in the game or application that you are running.

In this way, the FPS value can go up, your smartphone can run smoothly without any lag events crash in the middle of the road.

Oh yes, for how to add FPS on laptop the steps are different, yes, gang!

That was the guide on how to display FPS Counter on Android when playing games through the Game Booster application.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions or other better application references? Write in the comments column below, yes! See you in the next Jaka article!

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