cheats and tricks to be good at playing

Hey, who doesn't know This fun game that requires you to control a snake is indeed addictive. Here are tips, tricks and cheats from JalanTikus.

Remember the game Game on line which requires you to eat orbs and eating smaller opponents to grow bigger is really fun. Because you have to compete on one server to be the winner and to the top leaderboard-his.

Well, now there is a new game similar to but more challenging, namely Jaka is sure, many of you must have played, right? Well, Jaka is here cheats and tricks to be good at playing

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  • Complete GTA San Andreas PS2, PS3, & PC Cheat Codes in Indonesian Cheats and Tricks assigns you to control a small snake while eating orbs around to increase the length of your snake's body. You can also 'eat' orbs from other snakes (if destroyed) to become the biggest snake on the server you enter.

Just like which is available on web and apps, is also available on Google Play Store and App Store. Interestingly, in contrast to on Android which is difficult to control, on Android is easier to control.

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1. How to Increase the Length of the Snake

Your snake will grow longer and larger as the points you earn increase. When that happens, your snake will become giant and the others will look small. There are 2 quick ways to make your snake big fast, namely by eating moving orbs or eating orbs belonging to other dead snakes.

So, don't be surprised if all the snakes on the server are hunting you. Because they want to cut off the movement of your snake's head so that it crashes into its body. If that happens, then your snake will be destroyed and the points you get will be lost.

2. How to Control the Snake

On the Web, you can easily control the snake with mouse movements. To catch moving orbs, you can rely on mode boost by left-clicking and holding on the mouse while pointing to where the orbs are.

While on Android, you can use one or two fingers to control your snake. With one finger you can do this by clicking on the target area, and holding it so that the snake moves towards the same. Meanwhile, if you use two fingers, you can simply press the up and down directions with both thumbs for easy control. To do boost on Android, you can do this by double-pressing and holding on the destination boost you.

3. Use Boost Wisely

Boost it's really useful to catch up orbs that moves and avoids snakes that want to eat you. Consequences of frequent doing boost is the points you collect will decrease, and make your snake shorter. Better use boost if you are really close to orbs move or in an emergency surrounded by other snakes.

4. Follow the Orbs Trail

Following in the footsteps orbs has many advantages. First, you can casually eat orbs which is in front of you. Second, the orbs trail will lead you to another snake so that it can guide you to get orbs more if any of the snakes are crushed.

5. Protect Your Orbs Farm

If it turns out that you managed to find a broken snake, immediately protect the laang orbs it with your snake body. The trick, make a circle around orbs That's so you can freely eat everything orbs which exists.

With the snake head inside barrier, you will be safe not to hit another snake. But remember, immediately get out of the circular position so that no other snakes circle your snake. Even if someone is circling your snake, stay in a circular position until the snake that is circling you gets bored and leaves.

6. Tailing the Giant Snake

Giant snakes do look scary. But in fact they actually provide many advantages for small snakes (eg points under 1000). Your little snake should follow behind the giant snake for a specific purpose.

First, the giant snake destroys more other snakes, so you can eat orbs from another crushed snake. Second, when the giant snake is destroyed you can eat it right away orbs scattered from his body. Yes, right?

7. Cheat on the Web

Have you everlag when playing on the web? If so, try to install a Google Chrome extension called Mods. This extension will make your gaming experience minimal lag and fun.

With this extension you can do zoom-in or zoom-out to see the location of other snakes, play on the same server with work or college friends, and many others. Have you tried it yet?

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8. When You're Big, Avoid Many Snakes

The more snakes around equals the more players that appear on the screen. As a result, you will definitely feel your steps become lag. Therefore, while there is a chance, use the map in the lower right corner to find a location that has minimal players to avoid lag.

So, those are 8 tips and tricks for playing on the web and Android. Jaka has also given cheats on PC so you don't experience lag and get many other features. Do you have it cheats and other tricks to play Share let's go with Jaka!

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