4 ways to factory reset a Windows computer or laptop

Factory reset or reset back to the initial state is made is the fastest and easiest way to return a computer or laptop to a normal state.

Factory reset or reset back to the initial state is made is the fastest and easiest way to return the computer or laptop to normal. You can do this method when your system is running very slowly or is infected with a virus. Factory Reset not only makes your computer clean but also restores it to optimal performance. Here are 4 ways to factory reset your computer.

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4 Ways to Factory Reset a Windows Computer or Laptop

1. Using Recovery Partition

Modern computers are usually equipped with an operating system and also a recovery partition to restore. The partition itself is the part of the hard drive that is not activated, using some storage to store all the recovery setup files needed when cleaning the operating system.

To start recovery through the recovery partition, usually by pressing the Function key from F1-F12 a few moments after pressing the power button and it varies depending on the brand. After that you will be directed to the BIOS, and from there you can run the recovery setup. When the recovery is complete, your computer will be in the state it was in when you first turned on the computer.

2. Using Recovery Discs

If your computer doesn't have a recovery partition, you can try using a recovery disc. Usually in the form of a CD or DVD that contains all the recovery data that is usually in the recovery partition. In other words, Recovery Disc and Recovery partition will be the same in use.

3. Refresh or Reset Windows 8

This feature has just been implemented in Windows 8 whose function is to make your factory reset faster and easier. Refreshing which means you can retain personal data such as applications that are already installed on the metro, but will delete other applications. And Reset which means Windows will delete everything and will reinstall Windows.

To use it first you open Settings then select Change PC settings. In general, select Get Started, and then a page like the one below will appear.

4. Reinstall Windows

If your computer doesn't have data recovery or the like, you have to do a factory reset the old way, by reinstalling Windows and reinstalling all the drivers. This method may be old-fashioned and cumbersome, but you have more control over the reset process. What certainly needs to be prepared is the Windows License Key and also the installer of the drivers you have.

So you just have to choose one of the ways to factory reset to be applied on your windows computer or laptop. For the installer of the driver, you can download the driverpack to make it easier to find the driver you need. Download free software others on Jalan Tikus.

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