8 of the most difficult games on Android that will definitely frustrate you

Is it true that today's games are not so challenging? Not playing the game with skill, but with money. Here Jaka gives you 8 of the most difficult games on Android that DEFINITELY make you frustrated.

Who says games are the most effective entertainment medium to relieve stress? If you think that games only focus on things that are fun and don't require brain ability to play it, I think you have to think again. Why? Game is a challenge that must be conquered, whose name is a challenge that definitely makes us frustration first.

Some people think that there are IAP or purchase items sold within the app, making the game less challenging. Not playing games with Skills, but with money. Reported from PhoneArena, especially for those of you who like the following challenges Jaka presents 8 most difficult games on Android and iOS. Feel the frustration and enjoy the real gaming experience.

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8 Hardest Games on Android that DEFINITELY Frustrate You

1. Out there: Omega edition

Going to space is like a dream in broad daylight, it is certain that most of us will never be able to explore outer space. For those of you who want to be an astronaut, you must try the following game. Out there: Omega edition is a simulation game that puts you as an astronaut lost in space, gameplay The simulation is not marketable because it combines games survival with strategic elements that are very challenging and certainly make you frustrated. Prepare supplies of fuel, oxygen cylinders, and pulses IDR 76.000 to play Out there: Omega edition now.

Download Out there: Omega edition, Android and iOS.

2. The Room Three

The next most difficult game on Android is The Room Three, which is a puzzle game based on space and object solving that maximizes the use of controls on mobile devices. Overall, The Room Three is an entertainment premium mobile which will not disappoint and will definitely make you dizzy. The essence of the game from The Room series itself is more or less the same as the game adventure a classic that was released on PC, only without the long-winded storytelling and focusing more on the puzzle-solving aspect. Challenged? Prepare your pocket IDR 75,000.

Download The Room Three, Android and iOS.

3. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon this is a game that simple but so hard. You will act as a small triangle in the center of the screen with the center axis of the screen in a hexagonal (hexagonal) shape. Later there will be various lines or hexagons that are open on one side and conical into the central axis where you are. Your task is to find gaps so as not to be hit by lines or objects that will come towards you. If you get hit just once, then game over and have to start over from scratch. Interested? Prepare pulse IDR 39,000.

Download Super Hexagon, Android and iOS.

4. Please, Don't Touch Anything

Sometimes if we are banned, it makes us even curious. What would you do if you saw a big red button with a no-touch warning? That's the basis gameplay on game Please Don't Touch Anything. You will be faced with a puzzle about finding the right combination button. By observing and touching various parts of the table in front of you, you can reveal various hidden buttons, each of which has a mysterious function. Interested? Price IDR 15,000.

Download Please, Don't Touch Anything, Android and iOS.

5. Pixel Dungeon

Prepare to die. Dead again and again. Starve to death, get poisoned, or die from being scratched by a giant crab. Pixel Dungeon is an RPG game open source done by a single programmer Watabou and inspired by templates games roguelike classic like Brogue. This game is free and so far there have been 25 spin-off from Pixel Dungeon each of which has their own rules to make it unique compared to the regular version.

Download Pixel Dungeon, Android and iOS.


VVVVVV is a game that is super difficult, its popularity had skyrocketed because its success caused frustration for anyone who played it. In 2D genre games platformer here you play as captain Viridian trapped into a super odd dimension, where you have to save the entire crew in 8 levels that have been provided. With simplicity gameplay and its visuals which at first glance resemble DOS games, VVVVVV itself gets appreciation for its very high level and difficulty level. Prepare funds beforehand IDR 38.000 and whatever happens, you have to be patient to play this game.

Download VVVVVV, Android and iOS.

7. That Level Again 1, 2, and 3

The next most difficult game is That Level Again 1, 2, and 3. Like a puzzle game to escape the room, where you have to find the key first. In versions 1 and 2, the difficulty level is more or less the same. But at level 3, you will find more difficulties. Luckily, the developer was kind enough to include a little hint. This game is free, but not necessarily you can name it.

IamTagir Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

8. 2 cars

You can do multitasking? Maybe not either. The human brain is designed to focus on only one job at a time. This is the reason why make games 2 cars it's so hard to play. even though gameplayIts simple, you have to avoid contacts and collect circles. However, you have to drive two cars that are on different lanes at the same time. Of course it's complicated, just try it yourself. This game is free.

Download 2 cars, Android and iOS.

That's 8 most difficult games on Android, guaranteed to make you frustrated and already finished. Of course, people's tastes are different. There are those who like light, heavy or mediocre games. Which group do you belong to?

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