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how to transfer money via Alfamart, easy & fast!

How to transfer money through Alfamart is very easy! For those of you who don't have an account at a bank, you can try sending money through this Alfamart!

Don't have a bank account will certainly hinder the need to send money. However, it turns out that there is a way to transfer money through Alfamart.

How to send money via Alfamart this can be an alternative recommendation if you don't find the nearest bank or ATM facility. Moreover, if the money is for purposes that are urgent.

Well, if you not a bank customer anywhere and want to transfer money without an ATM to friends or relatives, you can try the money transfer service provided by Alfamart.

Alfamart is not just a mini market. Alfamart also offers several financial services, one of which is money transfer service. Here Jaka will review how to transfer money via Alfamart.

How to Transfer Money Via Alfamart

How to send money via Alfamart is very easy! With this service, you can transfer money easily without an ATM card and passbook.

This money transfer service is available at all Alfamart outlets throughout Indonesia. Then what are the conditions? If you want to transfer money via Alfamart, you must bring:

  • Resident Identity Card (KTP) or SIM for Indonesian citizens and Passport for foreigners.

  • HP with an active number.

  • The recipient's active cell phone number.

  • The cash you want to transfer, starts from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 5 million.

  • Money for admin fees.

The transfer fee is IDR 15,000 for transfers below IDR 1 million and IDR 25,000 for transfers above IDR 1 million. This fee includes a delivery fee of IDR 10,000 plus administrative fees.

So, for example, if you want to transfer IDR 250,000, the amount that must be deposited is IDR 265,000 (plus IDR 15,000 as an admin fee for transferring money under IDR 1 million.)

How to transfer money through Alfamart can be done easily and quickly. How to do? Check out the following guide.

  1. Prepare the necessary important documents as described above.
  1. Go to the cashier and tell them you want to transfer or send money.
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  1. Tell your mobile number and the recipient of the money to the cashier.
  • HP number whose status is still active under your name added with mobile number and also the full name of the person who received the money transfer.
  • This is useful if there is an interruption in the transfer process there will be a notification. When the transfer process is complete you will be contacted via SMS.
  1. Deposit the money you want to transfer
  • Give the cash you want to transfer plus the transfer fee is Rp. 15,000, - or Rp. 25,000, - to the cashier.
  1. Wait until you get an SMS notification.
  • In addition to SMS, you will also get a receipt containing a proof of transaction code.
  • The code is money receipt code or MTCN. This code will be used by the transfer recipient to withdraw the money transferred from you at the nearest Alfamart.
  1. Inform and notify the recipient of the MTCN code money earlier.

Notes: The MTCN code consists of a 10 digit number and is confidential. So, it should only be known to the sender and recipient of the money transfer and don't get lost!

The code is valid for 30 days, so you don't have to worry if the recipient doesn't immediately pick up or withdraw the money.

How to Take Money Transfer Via Alfamart

If you are the recipient of the money transfer and want to collect the money, you just need to go to the nearest Alfamart outlet. Then follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your identity (KTP or SIM for Indonesian citizens and passports for foreigners).

  2. Approached the cashier, said he wanted to receive a money transfer.

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  1. Show the receipt code number or MTCN to the cashier.

  2. Wait until it is confirmed, the money will be given to you.

  3. Receive money and receipt of money

Notes: When you are at the cashier, you will be asked for the name of the sender and the nominal amount of the transfer and you will be given the cash transfer.

Tutorial on Canceling Money Transfer Via Alfamart

Then what if you want to cancel your money transfer? For example, due to wrong recipient name, unknown mobile number or other reasons.

You can, apply for cancellation with the condition that the recipient has not taken the money you transferred.

The trick, you come again to the Alfamart outlet where you previously applied for a money transfer.

Then, show delivery receipt containing the cancellation code to the cashier. Don't forget to bring your ID, okay?

That's how to transfer money via Alfamart from Jaka. In addition to money transfers, Alfamart also provides cash withdrawal services for customers of certain banks.

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