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7 of the most controversial Netflix series, got Netflix blocked?

3 years blocked by the Telkom Group, the following most controversial Netflix series may be one of the reasons!

Is one of the largest and most popular movie streaming platforms that provides the best variety of movies and TV series, don't be surprised if Netflix loved by many people, including the people of Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the existence of Netflix which is considered unable to meet the applicable policies in Indonesia makes this service full of pros and cons until it is finally blocked by telecommunication companies Telkom Group in 2016.

The problem itself cannot be separated from some Netflix content which is considered to contain sexual elements, pornography, or SARA which is of course prohibited in Indonesia.

But, what Nteflix movies and series were the most controversial when they were released? Come on, see the full article below!

Most Controversial Netflix Series

Although it is a favorite of many people, the Netflix streaming service also seems to be inseparable from the emergence of various film or tv series content that has drawn public controversy.

Like some of the following Netflix films and series that are considered the most controversial of all time.

1. Messiah

Officially released in early 2020, the Netflix original series titled Messiah apparently caused quite a lot of controversy among the public.

The reason is, this Netflix series is considered to have provocative element which can test a person's belief because it contains matters related to religion.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this series was later banned from broadcasting in Jordan by Royal Film Commission (RFC) of Jordan.

The series itself tells the story of a nameless man who mysteriously appears in the Middle East as a messenger of God to complete a world mission.

His appearance which causes chaos makes Al-Masih have to be chased by the CIA. Because it raises sensitive issues like Dajjal, Savior, etc., this film is considered very controversial.

2. 13 Reasons Why

Netflix's next most controversial series is 13 Reasons Why which is now entering season 3.

Telling the story of a woman named Hannah Baker who committed suicide after experiencing a series of bullying from her friends at school, the series 13 Reasons Why apparently received many positive reviews from critics and viewers.

Even so, this series also turned out to be inseparable from the various controversies that surrounded its release, gang.

The depiction of suicide, rape, and other adult content are some of the reasons why the film is hailed as one of Netflix's most controversial series.

3. Sex Education

From the title alone, surely some of you can already imagine what will be told in this series made by Netflix.

Yes, Sex Education itself tells the story of a teenage boy named Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) who starts a business as a sexual therapist for his friends.

Although it has a story concept that can educate the audience about sex, this series seems to still reap the pros and cons of many people.

The reason is, the sex scenes shown in it are considered to be a bad example for the audience, especially teenagers.

4. The First Temptation of Christ

Released on December 3, 2019, The First Temptation of Christ is the next most controversial Netflix comedy genre film, gang.

Not too surprising, because this film depicts the Lord Jesus as a male figure gay which suddenly sparked anger from many people, especially Christians.

In fact, this film also received rejection from around 11.8 million people who have signed the petition on the site Change.org.

This film itself tells the story of Jesus (Gregorio Duvivier) who finally returned to his home with a male lover named Orlando (Fabio Porchat) after passing 40 days in a desert.

5. Bonding

Premiered on the Netflix streaming service in April 2019, the series Bonding also apparently not free from the various controversies it has caused.

Not without reason, because this series offers a very controversial story idea, which is about Sadomasochism and BDSM.

Not only can it damage the morale of the audience, this series also features quite a number of sadistic sexual scenes that are not suitable for viewing by all ages.

This film itself focuses on the story of a student majoring in psychology named Tiff Chester (Zoe Levin) who recruited his best friend as an assistant in carrying out his mission.

6. The Naked Director

Set during the economic crisis in the 1980s, the emergence of the film The Naked Director apparently reaped a lot of controversy from the public.

The film adapted from the novel entitled Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den this itself lifts the true story of an adult film director, Toru Muranashi.

It's not just the inspiration behind it that has caused controversy, this film also shows a lot of sex scenes that are considered too vulgar.

This film itself tells about the figure of Toru who runs a business as a seller of sex videos that he recorded himself from the moment of an affair that occurred in a hotel.

7. Jinn

The latest most controversial Netflix series is Jinn. Saudi Arabia's first Netflix original series has drawn controversy because it is said to feature scenes that can damage the morale of the audience.

It's not only the scenes that are judged to have violated immorality, the characters in this series also frequently use harsh words that can set a bad example for the audience.

This series itself tells the story of a group of teenagers who are trying to stop the act of a genie who is trying to destroy the world. This mysterious figure appeared because one of them was accidentally summoned by one of them.

Well, those were some of the most controversial Netflix series and movies that have ever aired on this one popular streaming service, the gang.

Seeing the large number of Netflix content that smells of pornography, violence, and BDSM, it is not surprising that this streaming service is blocked in a number of countries, including Indonesia.

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