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5 security apps on Android that can take photos of the thief

One of the security applications that can take photos of thieves that were developed. Many developers make an application so that users are comfortable when using it

Android smartphones have now become a basic need. Therefore, many developers make an application so that users are comfortable when using it.

One of the security applications that can take photos of thieves developed is a security application on Android smartphones.

That's right, through this article, ApkVenue will provide some listicals of Android security applications from rogue thieves. Ready to install the apps listed below?

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5 Security Applications on Android That Can Photo Theft on Android

Before entering the list of security applications or security which is below, there are already users who use security applications that can take photos of thieves on your Android smartphone.

Well, the application worked take a thief's photo who stole his Android smartphone. The victim then uploaded it on Twitter.

Therefore, before there is an unpleasant incident like the case above, you should have start downloading this app to make your Android cellphone security system even better.

1. Hidden Eyes

The first security application that ApkVenue provides is named Hidden Eyes. This application is able to capture photos of objects if something goes wrong to unlock the password that has been set by yourself.

In fact, this application is also capable of activate the alarm if someone with malicious intent wants to steal your smartphone, then enter the wrong password more than three times. Cool, right?

Download the Hidden Eye security app

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2. Third Eye

Next, the Android security applications that you can use are: Third Eye. That's right, this application will take a photo when someone enters the wrong code in the form of a PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Apart from that, another feature is that you will get a notification telling you that your Android smartphone is it's been forcibly opened, in the sense of an error in unlocking the screen. Interesting huh?

Download the Third Eye security app

3. CrookCatcher

In addition to the two applications above, there are other Android applications that you can use to increase the security of your Android phone. One of them is named CrookCatcher. The app will work when someone tries to forcibly unlock you.

Then, this application will also take a picture of the intruder who has tried to force to unlock the smartphone screen. Then, the photo will be sent to the email you registered along with the location of the smartphone.

Download the CrookCatcher security app

4. Lockwatch

Other applications that can increase your security are Lockwatch. This application will let you know where the thief is and what the person who stole your smartphone looks like.

This security application will make your Android smartphone become more secure. Data from thieves who try to open your smartphone will be sent via email. So, that will make it easier for you to find the phone and the thief, right?

Download the Lockwatch security app

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5. Prey Anti Theft

Want to prevent your smartphone from being accessed illegally or without permission? It's easy, you just use a security Android application called Prey Anti Theft. Well, this way you guarantee a higher level of security.

What's so good about this application? Well, this app works on all major operating systems, so you'll be able to track your phone's actions from somewhere. In fact, the feature also gives you photo details when you try to open the password from the smartphone screen.

Download the Prey Anti Theft security app

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Those are 5 security applications that can take photos of thieves when your cellphone or smartphone is stolen. Hopefully, with the publication of this article, you can become more aware of your Android smartphone. Share your opinion bro!

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