how to make automatic table of contents in blogger

For those of you who like to write on blogs, JalanTikus provides a few coding tips. Namely the tutorial on creating a table of contents on the blog automatically to help increase the page rank of your posts.

If JalanTikus usually provides tips and tricks about Android, this time JalanTikus presents it to you coding tutorials. Not a pro coding tutorial, but just a basic code to make you understand a little about programming languages.

For starters, JalanTikus will give you a tutorial for making table of contents automatically on blogger. These tips will certainly be very useful for those of you who like to write on blogs. Check out the full explanation!

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Table of Contents Function in Blog

Don't just write on blog, you also have to make a table of contents for each article you make. As with books, the table of contents on blog will make it easier for visitors blog to browse existing content. The table of contents is also useful for search engine optimization (SEO). Don't forget, the table of contents on blog will help make link internal inter-post to raise page rank your post.

How to Create an Automated Table of Contents on Blog

Interested in all the benefits of the table of contents in blog? If so, here's how to make a table of contents in blog automatically match your label and post date:

  • On the Blogspot home page, on blog yours, choose Pages.

  • Next select menu New Pages.

  • On the new page, please create a Title "List of contents". Then please copy and paste the following code:

Please replace the // section with the address blog you. Then paste into new page what you did earlier.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the following code:

  • Finished? Not yet. Next you have to connect Page that you made earlier to the Navigation menu in blog you. How to enter the menu Layout, then create a new menu with the name Table of Contents. Contents link-nya with address Page the one you just made. Then Save Template.

It's easy, how to make a table of contents automatically blog this? In this way it is hoped page rank each of your posts can be increased easily and can help visitors to surf more easily blog yours. Good luck!

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