how to find out who is reading chat in group line

Isn't it annoying when chatting in groups but some people just reading? Don't join in the conversation. Well, this time Jaka will give a way to find out who has read the chat in the LINE group.

The popularity of LINE Messenger is unquestionable. The many new features offered make chat on LINE is never boring. Because we can chat, telephone and video calls, to chat together in group chats.

What's more exciting, on LINE we can create groups chat whose members reach 200 people. Can you imagine how exciting it is to get together with 200 people? While WhatsApp only can only 100 people. And again, there are many groups on LINE that can be sent as well as many other exciting features. To make the group more exciting, Jaka will provide a way to find out who has read the chat in the LINE group.

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Know Who's Reading Chats in LINE Groups

With the ability to accommodate up to 200 members, it is certain that not all of the LINE groups will be active. Well, sometimes it's annoying when there are people whose only job is to read chat only, but don't want to reply or participate in interactions. The cool term is just so silent reader only. In the end, we must feel uncomfortable. Feels like being spied on, right?

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Well, so that you can tell who will be silent reader, you must know who has read chat in the LINE group. Well, a way to find out who has read chat In this LINE group, it's really easy.

Use LINE Lite

To find out who has read chat in the LINE group, you can use LINE Lite. LINE Lite at a glance, it's a LINE app but with limited features. ON LINE Lite you will not find features call and video call, timeline, sticker shop, theme shop, and photo albums; thus making it lighter. LINE Lite is focused on chatting only.

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By using LINE Lite, you will save more on quota. And also your Android becomes more RAM efficient. Let's download LINE Lite from link which Jaka provided. Then install the LINE Lite apk that you downloaded as usual.

After downloading LINE Lite, you login using your LINE account. Later the account on your LINE MEssenger will automatically logout.

To find out who has read chat you are in the LINE group, you just have to enter the group chat on LINE Lite. Then chat as usual.

Later, the number of people who have read will appear chat we. It is listed in a combination of letters and numbers, for example R 1. This means that your message has been read by one member of the group.

Please click on the R1 text. The result will appear who has read chat you are.

Easy is not a way to know who has read chat in this group? It's just that you have to use LINE Lite with its limited features. Meanwhile, if you use LINE Messenger, you will get a lot of fun features, but you can't know who is it silent reader in the LINE group. Which do you prefer, LINE Messenger or LINE Lite?

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