an easy way to find out that our wifi has been hacked by someone else

Connection often slows down? Could your WiFi be hacked by someone else? Just follow this method, then you can find out easily.

Have you ever experienced a WiFi internet connection that suddenly slowed down? This can happen because someone else is using WiFi without you knowing it.

How can we know that our WiFi has been hacked by someone else?

Well, in this article, I will tell you the easiest way to find out who the WiFi breaker is on your network with just an Android smartphone.

How to Know Who's Using Your WiFi

A way to find out who people are connected to your WiFi network can be used without doing root Android.

So if your Android has not beenroot, you can still use the following method.

By using the following application, you can find out a lot of device information that is on your WiFi internet network.

Things to know include:

  • All connected devices
  • MAC Address, IP Address, and DNS
  • Device used (Smartphone, Laptop, PC)
  • Device Brand and Name
  • Many more

How to find out who is on your WiFi network with an Android phone

Step 1 - Download the Fing app

  • Download app Fing - Network Tools and install as usual on your Android. You can download it below here: Apps Networking Fing Limited DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Perform a scan

  • Open the app and Fing will automatically do Scanning to find out who is connected.

Step 3 - Done

  • Duration scan depending on how much device currently connected to your WiFi network. If so, the names of the connected devices will automatically appear.

Bonus Video Tutorials

  • For those of you who are still confused, you can watch the following video:

That's the way to find out who is breaking into your WiFi network. If you have another way, you can share in the comments column.

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