an easy way to make image and photo watermarks on android

A watermark or watermark can be a sign that a photo or image is copyrighted. To make it even more secure when shared on social media, here's an easy way to watermark images and photos on Android.

In a photographic work, watermark or a watermark as a marker if someone has the photo and must have permission if you want to use it. With watermark You don't even have to hesitate to share it on social media.

Instead of using a PC or laptop, create and add watermark on pictures and photos can now be done easily on smartphones. Here Jaka tells you an easy way to make watermark pictures and photos on Android.

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Easy Ways to Make Image and Photo Watermarks on Android

  • The first time you must download the application Add Watermark Free available at Google Play Store for free.
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  • Then add a photo with tap **+** icon and select **Load Image** to select an image. Search for photos or images in the appropriate directory then tap **OK**.
  • Then you can set watermark what you want to make, from writing to pictures. Don't forget to set the thickness, size, rotation and position of the watermark by setting on sliders.
  • Final tap **Send** icon and select a directory to save the photo. Press sign checklist at the bottom of the screen to start the adding process watermark.
  • Automatically a given photo or image watermark has been saved and you can now share it on social media.

Well that's an easy way to make watermark pictures and photos on Android. So don't hesitate to share your pictures on social media. Guaranteed to be more hits ok! What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments column yes!

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