7 most advanced xiaomi apps 2019

You already know that there are some super-sophisticated Xiaomi special applications? Come on, find out the full list of the best Xiaomi applications below.

Currently, there are many smartphone companies that provide mandatory applications to support the service or performance of their gadgets, this has also been done by Xiaomi in its smartphone products.

Chinese company, Xiaomi, known for its gadget products which are very varied and the prices are still affordable.

Not only gadget products, Xiaomi also provides various applications that offer various advanced features and functions to meet the needs of its users.

These applications were deliberately developed by the MUI developer team with the aim of making it easier for users when using services or operating one of Xiaomi's products.

Sophisticated Applications Only On Xiaomi Phones

Although it offers gadget products at affordable prices, Xiaomi is not stingy in providing sophisticated applications in its smartphone products.

Not only equip one or two applications, but more than that. Interestingly, this sophisticated application can actually be used not only for Xiaomi cellphone users.

Then, what is the list of Xiaomi's advanced applications? Here's a list a sophisticated application that reportedly only exists and can be used on Xiaomi cellphones.

1. Mi Remote Controller

Download via Google Play.

If in most other Android phones it is not equipped with this facility supporting applications that have functions such as remotes, on your Xiaomi cellphone you can find this application.

This powerful application is named Mi Remote. As the name implies, this application functions as a remote to control electronic devices through your Xiaomi cellphone.

This application allows you to control various electronic devices such as TV, air conditioning, fan, Noodle Box, DVD, and other electronic devices equipped with infrared facilities.

In addition, this application is also equipped with an English language option to make it easier for you to operate the application.

This application also apparently can be used on other Android phones besides Xiaomi, but with a note that your cellphone already has an infrared feature.

InformationMi Remote Controller
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (163.694)
Android Minimum4.3

2. Mi Videos

Download via Google Play

The next advanced Xiaomi app named Noodle Videos. Similar to the Netflix application, this Mi Video application also provides the facility to watch movies online without the need to download them.

Mi Video is the result of Xiaomi's collaboration with several streaming content providers such as Hungama Play, SonyLiv, Voot, Sun NXT, ALT Balaji, Viu, TVF, and Flickstree.

This app offers more than 500,000 hours video content where around 80 percent the content can be watched for free or free.

In addition, Mi Video also offers picture-in-picture mode which allows you to open other apps without having to close the video.

Interestingly, for you non-Xiaomi users, you can still download the Mi Video application via Google Play, gang.

InformationNoodle Videos
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)3.7 (16.246)
Android Minimum4.1

3. Mi WiFi

Download via Google Play

Mi WiFi is an application that serves to connect and synchronize your Xiaomi cellphone with Mi WiFi Router products.

Once connected, your Xiaomi cellphone will act as a server manager to manage the network from the Mi WiFi router.

This Mi WiFi application already supports two languages, namely Chinese and English, so you will find it easier to operate.

In fact, reportedly this application can automatically detect the language that is being used on your cellphone, gang.

In addition to Xiaomi HP users, this application can also be enjoyed by other Android-based HP users

InformationMi WiFi
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)2.9 (13.938)
Android Minimum4.2

4. Mi Home

Download via Google Play

Noodle Home is the official Xiaomi application that can make it easier for you to control the Xiaomi products that you have.

As we know Xiaomi has not only launched smartphones but also other products such as lights, CCTV, TV, fans, alarms, and much more.

By using this application you can control these objects from your cellphone so that it is easier and more practical, gang.

InformationNoodle Home
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)3.9 (114.436)
Android Minimum4.0

5. Mi Fit

Download via Google Play

Xiaomi's next advanced application is Mi Fit. This application serves to monitor and build a healthy lifestyle routine and discipline its users.

This application helps you to create a physical exercise program, analyze sleep quality, to arrange for the exercise process to be more effective.

However, to use this app you have to connect it to your device Mi Band.

This Mi Fit application can be used on all Xiaomi Android HP devices or not.

InformationMi Fit
DeveloperAnhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)3.6 (357.718)
Android Minimum4.3

6. Mi Drop

Download via Google Play

Mi Drop is an application made by Xiaomi that functions to transfer various types of files such as images, videos, data, to applications.

The data transfer process can be done using the internet or bluetooth.

In addition, this application can be used to share data between Android and Android smartphone devices to Windows via an FTP connection.

Unfortunately, this application is only devoted to Xiaomi cellphone users, gang.

InformationMi Drop
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.8 (378.806)
Android Minimum4.4

7. Mi-Pay

Mi-Pay is Xiaomi's official payment system based on mobile based Near Field Communication (NFC) which supports credit, debit and public transportation cards in China.

Unfortunately this application has not been officially released in Indonesia, so you cannot enjoy the features offered by this application, gang.

The last update, the Mi-Pay application was officially released in India on March 20. So, let's wait for the Mi-Pay release schedule in Indonesia.

Those are some lists of Xiaomi's advanced applications, some of which can be enjoyed by all Android HP users, and the rest are devoted only to Xiaomi HP users.

For you Xiaomi HP users, have you ever used the applications that Jaka mentioned above?

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