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how to edit photos to be as beautiful as lisa blackpink (laptop & cellphone)

You want to know the basics of photo editing so that your photos become as beautiful as Lisa? Calm down, Jaka will describe it in full here, both on laptops and cellphones!

Photo editing activities have become an ability that is owned in the current era. What for? So that the photos that we upload to social media (social media) become more beautiful.

Although there are various filters provided by social media, there are times when we want to give it a more personal touch.

Jaka will give you ways to edit photos both on laptops and cellphones so that your face is more beautiful, as beautiful as Lisa Blackpink!

How to Edit Photos on a Laptop

Many photo editing applications are available for laptops. Just say it Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, until just Paint.

On this occasion, Jaka will explain how to edit photos using Photoshop.

How to Edit Photoshop Photos

Photoshop has so much tools that you can use, so sometimes it can make you confused how to use it.

At least, there are five basic things that you must master if you want to beautify your photos. Oh yes, the Photoshop used in this tutorial is the version CC 2015.

1. Crop the Image to Perfect the Composition

Crop aka cropping images is probably the technique we use most often, both on laptops and cellphones. Well, you should also be able to use this technique in Photoshop.

It's easy too. You just need to select the icon crop which is on the _toolbar_ on the left. You can choose the ratio that suits your needs.

2. Adjust Brightness and Contrast Tingkat

You can adjust the brightness and contrast levels of the photos you have. The trick is to select the features Brightness and Contrast which is in the lower right corner.

Next, you just need to adjust the brightness and contrast levels that you need. You can also take advantage of the features auto to get the results recommended by Photoshop.

3. Adjusting the Image Tone with Curves

Aren't there many filters that give the impression of old school to our photos? Well, in Photoshop, of course it's a very easy thing to use the features Curves.

This feature is located in the same bar as Brightness and Contrast, so you won't have a hard time finding it. If so, you can determine tone do you want.

You can also set the color level you want separately. If you use an RGB pattern, then you can play with red, green, and blue colors according to your taste.

4. Erase Background

If you need a PNG image to use as a WhatsApp sticker, you can really use Adobe Photoshop.

You have to use Lasso Tool which exist in toolbar. Jaka recommends using that one Magnetic so it's easier.

After selecting the image, crop the image and open a new file by pressing Ctrl+N. Choose background transparent, then paste The image was in a new file.

For more details, you can read Jaka's article on this one!

5. Create a Black and White Effect (RECOMMENDATION)

One of the most popular camera effects is the black and white effect. Jaka will tell you how to use Photoshop.

It's easy! open Image > Adjustments > Black & White. A quick way to turn your image into black and white is to select features auto like Jaka did.

How to Edit Photos on HP

Jaka understands that not everyone has a laptop. But don't worry, because you can still do editing by using your cell phone.

There are many of the best photo editing apps on Android and iOS. but in this article the author will use an example by using Picsart.

How to Edit Picsart Photos

Picsart is a photo editing application available on Android and iOS. This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times and get rating 4.5.

Picsart has lots of features that you can use to beautify your photos. Here, ApkVenue will tell you some key features that you can take advantage of.

Oh yes, if it's your first time using this application, the first thing you have to do is select the image you want to edit. After selecting, then you can customize your photo.

1. Selecting a Filter with Just One Click (RECOMMENDATION)

One of the advantages of the Picsart application is the large number of filter options it has. You can do this by selecting the menu Effect available in the initial view.

There are several types of filters that can be applied, such as Blur, Artistic, Pop Art, until Paper. Language depends settings-anmu yes!

2. Changing Face Appearance (RECOMMENDATION)

You feel hesitant to go to the salon because you are not sure what color you want to change your hair to? Don't worry, you can do a simulation using the features beautify on Picsart.

In addition to changing hair color, you can also change skin color, whiten teeth, and eye color. For boys, be careful, gang, many women are getting more beautiful because of this application!

3. Adding Posts

You can also add text according to your wishes. The available fonts are also various so it will make you confused to choose one.

Want to add an effect? Take it easy, Picsart certainly provides it for you, from the opacity level to giving a shadow effect.

4. Give a Blur Effect

Want your photos to have a beautiful bokeh effect? Of course you can do it on Picsart. Even Jaka has other application recommendations, just click here!

5. Become a Cartoon

You do this by using the filters in the menu Effect. But besides PicsArt, there are many similar applications that can turn your photos into cartoons. It's really up to date!

Want to know other applications that can turn your face into a cartoon? Just stop by at Jaka's writing on this one!

Those are some ways to edit photos to make your photos look cooler. But remember, before editing, make sure the photos you take are good, so that your efforts to edit photos are not in vain.

If you have mastered all the techniques above, you will be able to look like Lisa! (But no promises)

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