do not even try! 6 ways to make a computer virus turn off

Well, this time ApkVenue will tell you some software that is often used to create viruses. Read on for more!

A computer virus is a computer program that can duplicate or copy itself alone. After that the virus will spread by insert a copy of himself into another program or document.

How to make a deadly computer virus causing losses, for example by destroying the data in the document, making computer users feel disturbed, or not causing any effect at all. But are you curious about how to make it? Well, this time Jaka will tell you some software that is often used to create viruses. Read on for more!

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6 Ways to Make a Deadly Computer Virus

1. Terabit Virus Maker

With this, you can create a virus with any name and extension either (.exe, .vbs, .fla and more) with software this. So you just have to tick any effect which will be used for the virus you created.

Terabit Virus Maker Antivirus & Security Apps DOWNLOAD

2. Virus Maker

You need to know that this software is able to make virus with extension (.vbs) or called vbs virus. Use of this software easy to understand because it uses a simple interface.

Antivirus & Security Virus Maker Apps DOWNLOAD

3. JPS Virus Maker

Just like other computer viruses that have the ability to turn off regedit, task manager, MS Config, disable antivirus, wordpad, notepad and hide drives, files and buttons like shutdown, restart, logoff. By making this deadly computer virus, you can create a virus as desired, of course.

Apps Antivirus & Security JPS Virus Maker DOWNLOAD

4. Shadow Batch Virus Generator

The capabilities of the viruses that you create through this application include: infect various file extensions, activate the virus at start up, make new administrator account, change the administrator password, turn off the computer automatically, and download files automatically.

Apps Antivirus & Security Shadow Batch Virus Generator DOWNLOAD

5. Pinch 2 Pro Builder

You need to know that pinch can create Trojan viruses. Without the need for knowledge capital programming language, even a newbie can create a Trojan virus with this. Trojan itself is synonymous with remote desktop. So that the author can control the infected computer remotely.

Pinch 2 Pro Builder Antivirus & Security Apps DOWNLOAD

6. FFE (Fast Firus Engine)

FFE is one way to make the best deadly computer virus. This software uses visual basic language. So the advantage of this application is you no need write a lot of coding and of course complicated. Just enter the author's name, the name of the virus, and the message you want to convey, then stay click generate, then it's done.

Apps Antivirus & Security FFE (Fast Firus Engine) DOWNLOAD

That's how to make a computer virus turn off. Keep in mind yes, do not create a virus to damage. Viruses we created just to make the antivirus can find out its weaknesses. Also make sure you know how to deal with the virus that you created. Hope it is useful!

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