how to register a kredivo so that it gets approved quickly

Still confused about how to register a Kredivo account to repay your dream gadget? Here are the easy steps for registering the newest Kredivo account 2021.

How to register Kredivo is very easy and not complicated at all. By registering for Kredivo, you can pay in installments for various items of your dreams. Find out how in this article!

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, now the financial transaction process can be done digitally which is of course very practical and easy.

In fact, at this time to apply for a loan or installments, everything can be done only with the help of a loan application on your Android or iOS cellphone.

There are lots of applications that you can use to do this, one of which is Kredivo, a digital credit card application that makes it easy for you to repay the items you want to buy.

As the slogan implies, you can buy now and pay later in 30 days without interest or in installments. Very interesting, right?

Terms and Conditions for Registering Kredivo

Before Jaka explains how to register a Kredivo account, first make sure you meet the following requirements so that your application can be accepted quickly.

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI) status.
  • Aged between 18 to 60 years.
  • Domiciled in Greater Jakarta, Bandung City, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Semarang, Bali Island, Malang, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Solo, Cirebon, and Sukabumi.
  • Minimum income of IDR 3 million per month.

If you meet the requirements above, you can later apply to create a Kredivo Basic and Premium account. What's the difference between the two?

Basic Kredivo AccountPremium Kredivo Account
0% interest, maximum limit of IDR 3 million, maximum tenor of 30 daysInterest 2.6% per month, maximum limit of IDR 30 million, minimum spend of IDR 1,000,000, choice of tenors of 3, 6, up to 12 months

That's what separates the two. You just have to choose the account you want according to your abilities and desires.

How to Register a Kredivo Account on HP Easily

With the advantages offered, making digital credit card applications such as Kredivo much in demand. However, do you know how to register for a Kredivo account so that it is immediately approved?

Well, for those of you who want to register for Kredivo but don't know how, here Jaka will explain the steps in full.

Come on, just look at how to register for the following 12-month Kredivo installments.

  1. Download Kredivo app, open the app then press Get Started.
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  1. choose Apply for Kredivo.
  1. Select the account type. You can choose Basic and Premium accounts according to your needs, then select the button Continue.
  1. Fill in the data what is needed, such as photo ID, photo selfie, and account marketplace. When done, select the button Submit.
  1. Complete personal data information starting from the name, address, salary amount, and others. Then, check the consent statement and select the button Submit.
  1. Wait for the Kredivo team to contact you further because your account will be included in the Kredivo team verification process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kredivo

Not a few cases where people are in debt on line. This can happen because they do not know in detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of the application used.

Well, before you register for a Kredivo account, you should first identify what are the advantages and disadvantages offered so that you don't feel trapped.

Advantages of the Kredivo Application

For those of you who want to choose the Kredivo application to make a loan on line, here are the advantages offered by this application.

1. Amount of Limit is Large Enough

The number of limits provided by the Kredivo application is quite large, you know.

If you register Pay account within 30 days the amount of the limit given is Rp. 3 million. Meanwhile, if you register Installment account, you can get a limit that reaches Rp. 20 million.

2. Easy Loan Application Process

Unlike when borrowing money through a credit provider or bank that requires a lot of supporting documents, Kredivo makes it easy for you to do it all.

How to borrow money at Kredivo is very easy because you only rely on a smartphone, internet package, and photos of documents and personal data.

In addition, the process approvalIt didn't take long either, lol. In fact, within 1x24 hours you can get a credit limit without a survey process like when you borrow at a bank.

3. No DP

The Kredivo application also provides an advantage, namely the absence of down payment (DP), admin fees, and annual fees such as ordinary credit cards, gang.

This is certainly one of the advantages of Kredivo that attracts the interest of its customers.

That way you only need to pay the price of the product plus the interest rate that has been set.

Disadvantages of the Kredivo App

Not only advantages, loan applications on line including Kredivo, of course, has some drawbacks that you must know.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using Kredivo. You should read this first before labeling Kredivo a fraud.

1. Interest Rate

Not much different from a loan application on line On the other hand, Kredivo will of course charge interest rates to its customers. The interest rate offered by this Kredivo application is 2.6% per month.

Therefore, it is better for you to carefully consider the decision to use the loan facility on line This is because Kredivo's interest rate is quite large.

2. Late Fee Penalty

In addition to interest rates, of course there are also fines that will be charged to customers when they are late in paying installments.

For the Kredivo application itself, the late payment penalty is approx 3% per month.

So, if you want to keep using the loan facility on line This makes sure that you are able to pay each month according to the agreed due date, yes.

Tenor and Kredivo Transaction Simulation Table

Kredivo itself provides tenors for its customers ranging from 3 months, 6 months, until the longest is 12 months with a credit limit of up to Rp. 20 million.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using the online money-borrowing facility offered by Kredivo, here is Jaka giving a simulation table for Kredivo's transactions.


Payment Options30 days3 months6 months12 months
Interest per Month0%2,60%2,60%2,60%
Installment per Month-IDR 718,670IDR 385,340Rp 218,670
Total paymentIDR 2,000,000Rp 2,156.010Rp 2,312,040Rp 2,624,040

Tips for Quickly Approved Kredivo Submissions

In condition urgent, of course you need funds quickly. Unfortunately, there are several things that make your Kredivo application take a long time to be accepted, or even rejected.

To prevent this from happening, ApkVenue has tips and tricks so that your Kredivo application is quickly approved and passes immediately. Here are the tips:

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements: Make sure you meet all the basic requirements, from age, domicile, to income.

  2. Double Check Documents and Data Completeness: Make sure there are no typos or even data discrepancies between documents, because it can prolong the approval process.

  3. Pay attention to Payslips and Cash Flow: In addition to meeting the minimum income (3 million per month), make sure you have cash flow healthy, such as debt free or regularly paying debts.

That was about how to register for Kredivo, how to register for Kredivo in 12-month installments, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the tenor provided by the Kredivo application.

How about you, are you still interested in using the money loan facility? on line offered by Kredivo?

You should first consider your decision carefully so you don't get into debt, OK!

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