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how to track j&t packages using and without receipt

Tracking package shipments is an activity that you must do if you are curious about the whereabouts of the package. Here Jaka gives a way to track J&T package shipments.

You finished shopping online, gang? I can't wait for the package to arrive.

But, just waiting without knowing the exact whereabouts of the package seems lacking afdol, yes. So you have to guess when the package will arrive.

Although usually every shipping expedition must have a predetermined estimate for each type of service, but still it sometimes deviates from the estimate.

But, take it easy, gang! Because you can track the whereabouts of your parcel shipments. Including parcel shipments sent by J&T company.

Currently J&T is one of the choices for many online businesses to send their merchandise. Even though it is a new company, J&T already has many loyal customers.

So, how do you track a J&T package? Here, Jaka gives you the following steps!

How to Track a J&T Package Delivery Using a Receipt Number

After you shop online, usually you will be given Air Way Bill (AWB) or better known as receipt number from the online shop where you shop.

The receipt number is not just an ordinary number that has no function, but you can use it to track J&T package shipments more easily.

There are several alternatives that you can try to track the whereabouts of J&T package shipments. So, you don't have to guess anymore where your package is going, gang.

Here's Jaka love complete way to track J&T package shipments you.

Via the J&T Express App

Currently all shipping expeditions not only provide goods delivery services, but also services to track the whereabouts of the package. Including one of them is J&T.

You can track the whereabouts of the package through J&T's official mobile application called J&T Express.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Regarding the steps, Jaka will explain the following.

Step 1 - Open the J&T Express app

  • Before going to the next steps, the first thing you have to do is open the J&T Express app on your HP.

  • If you don't have this application, you can download it first via JalanTikus.

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Step 2 - Select the option 'tracking'

  • On the menu home, you select option tracking which is located at the very bottom.

Step 3 - Enter receipt number

  • Next, you enter receipt number. In addition to using the method of entering the receipt number, you can also scan barcodes by selecting the menu scan in the upper right corner.
  • After that, your request will be processed by the system.

  • If successful, then the result tracking will be shown. You know where the J&T package has arrived, gang.

photo source: informationajib

Via J&T Official Website

Apart from the application, you can find services to track the whereabouts of this package on the official J&T website page.

The method is very easy, gang. Here, Jaka gives you the following steps.

Step 1 - Visit the official J&T website

  • The first step you have to do is to visit the official J&T website at the URL //www.jet.co.id/.

Step 2 - Enter receipt number

  • Furthermore, enter receipt number that you have to the column provided.
  • After the receipt number is entered, then the system will process the request you.

  • If successful, the J&T package tracking results will be displayed.

photo source: bloggerlampung

Via the website cekreasi.com

If previously Jaka provided a way to track J&T package shipments through the official website and application belonging to J&T itself, it turns out that there are also other sites that you can use as alternatives, gang.

You can use this site if one day the J&T official application or website experiences problems.

On this website you can not only track packages from J&T expeditions, but from many other shipping expeditions.

The steps are very easy, really, gang. Here, Jaka will tell you the following method.

Step 1 - Visit the website cekreasi.com

  • You can visit this website by entering the URL cekreasi.com in your browser.

Step 2 - Enter receipt number

  • If you have successfully entered the website, then you enter the receipt number you have in the column provided. Then select the check receipt button.

Step 3 - Select the expedition to use

  • After you select the check receipt button, then under the receipt number column there will be various shipping expedition options. At this stage, you choose J&T Express expedition.
  • Then your request will be processed by the system.

  • Furthermore, results tracking will be shown in full below.

How to Track a J&T Package Delivery Without a Receipt Number

It will be easier to track the whereabouts of a J&T package if you have a receipt number to track it.

But sometimes, you experience an incident when the receipt number is lost or not given from the online shop because you are very busy hectic.

So as a result, you find it difficult to track package shipments because you don't have a receipt number.

Sadly, Until now, there are no applications or service features offered by shipping companies to track the whereabouts of packages for those of you who do not have a receipt number.

Therefore, the only way you can do when you are in this condition is to visit the branch or main agent of the J&T expedition company in your city, gang.

You can ask for help customer service there to track the whereabouts of the J&T parcel shipments yours.

Although this method doesn't always work, remembering to track packages manually requires effort that isn't easy, but at least you can try this method, gang.

That's the way to track J&T package shipments that you can try, gang.

If now you are waiting for the package to arrive, it's better to follow the steps that Jaka has given above so you can know the exact whereabouts of the package.

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