10 of the best and legendary old PC games, make you nostalgic!

Getting bored of playing modern games like PUBG or Mobile Legends? One of the drugs to restore your enthusiasm for playing is to reminisce with old PC games that you may have forgotten for a long time.

The history of playing video games on a computer or PC is quite long. Even the first games released for PC were more than 50 years ago. One of the most old-school PC games ever recorded was released in 1962.

PC games used to still have graphics that were fairly primitive compared to today's games. Even so, PC games in the 19th century had their own specialties and were only played by certain people.

If you miss playing old school games on PC, here Jaka lists some of the best and legendary old PC games of their time. Let's reminisce!

Legendary and Best Old PC Game

Getting bored of playing modern games like PUBG or Mobile Legends? One of the drugs to restore your enthusiasm for playing is to reminisce with PC games that you may have forgotten for a long time.

Well, the old school games for PC that Jaka will list below are a combination of legendary games from the 90s and early 2000s. Of course, this game is light to play on your modern PC!

1. Microsoft Pinball Arcade

The first best PC old school game is Microsoft Pinball Arcade which you will definitely find on all PCs with the operating system Windows XP and above. This game is quite simple, but gives curiosity to the players.

The history of pinball itself is very long, starting from 1931 as a classic arcade game machine called Baffle Ball. This game was then developed over time and up to Windows.

Jaka is sure, almost everyone who owns a PC in the 90s must know this old school game for PC, and know how exciting it is to defend pinball in order to earn big points.

TitleMicrosoft Pinball Arcade
DeveloperMicrosoft, Safefire Corporation
PublisherMicrosoft Home
ReleaseDecember 15, 1998

2. Zuma

Then there are the old PC games from the 2000s that are loved by all ages. Especially if not Zuma which was first released in 2003 by game developers PopCap Games.

Surely you've tried this game right? Zuma is not only fun to play, but can also train your ability to think quickly. If you miss a step in playing, you cannot advance to a higher level.

When else can you play games while brain teasers, gang? If not by playing this Zuma Deluxe game on PC. If you are lazy to play on a PC, you can also download it on your cellphone!

DeveloperOberon Media
PublisherPopCap Games
ReleaseDecember 12, 2003

3. Half-Life

If you like shooting games or games shooter, the best old school game for PC is one of its ancestors which was developed by the developer Valve and was released in 1998 specifically for Windows PCs.

According to some gamer, Half-Life is a game masterpiece who is a role model for the game shooter more in the 90s with more than 50 awards Game of the Year. Through this game, the game developer Valve has become very famous.

So legendary, Half-Life is the "engine" that is used as the basis for the development of multiplayer FPS games Counter-Strike. Until now, Half-Life already has a sequel named Half-Life 2 which was released in 2004 and the prequel Half-Life: Alyx which was just released in 2020.

PublisherSierra Studios
ReleaseNovember 19, 1998
GenreFirst-person shooter

4. Doom

This game was first given the title Doom in 1993 for PCs with the MS-DOS operating system. Doom is an FPS game that focuses on the story of a warrior who is tasked with fighting against hordes of demons and monsters.

Many say Doom is the first FPS game ever created. So many other game developers are involved in making similar games like Half-Life. So if you want to reminisce, just play this PC game in your spare time.

Developerid Software
PublisherGT Interactive Software
ReleaseDecember 10, 1993
GenreFirst-person shooter

5. Diablo

Another legendary old school PC game is Diablo, which was first developed by Blizzard North and was released in 1997 for Windows and 1998 for Classic Mac OS.

If Half-Life is a masterpiece of shooter games, then this Diablo is masterpiece RPG action game with combat system hack and slash.

Those of you who like to play games in the 90s to 2000s era, surely you are no stranger to Diablo. This game has 3 sequels that are both good, but ApkVenue recommends that you play the first and second sequels only.

DeveloperBlizzard North
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
ReleaseJanuary 3, 1997
GenreAction role-playing, hack and slash

6. Warcraft

Just looking at the title, you must be reminded of the times playing real-time strategy or RTS games with friends at the internet cafe, right? Warcraft is one of the old game series that always makes me miss.

All the sequels have the same great appeal. Especially Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne which is a mandatory game in all internet cafes. Although in terms of graphics it is far behind modern games, but the experience of playing old school games on this PC is unmatched!

DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
ReleaseNovember 23, 1994
GenreReal-time strategy

7. Counter-Strike

One more old school game for PC that must be in the cafe, namely Counter-Strike. This game should not be missed to play if you want nostalgia for old school games.

Counter-Strike is an FPS game that was first developed through the 1999 Half-Life game modification by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, then was acquired by Valve to become one of their properties.

Counter-Strike was first officially released in 2000 for PC and exploded in sales. Even today, there are still people who play old-school Counter-Strike even though there are more modern versions.

DeveloperValve, Turtle Rock Studios, Hidden Path Entertainment, Gearbox Software, Ritual Entertainment, Nexon
PublisherValve, Sierra Entertainment, Namco, Nexon
ReleaseNovember 9, 2000
GenreFirst-person shooter

8. House of the Dead

The history of fictional zombie characters has long been known by citizens through a number of media, one of which is games. House of the Dead This is one of the most important in history.

This legendary old PC game first appeared as an arcade game developed by SEGA in 1996. Then it was released for PC in 1998 and became a famous horror and thrilling game. Maybe House of the Dead is not as famous as other old PC games. But for some people who like zombie games, it's definitely not foreign.

TitleHouse of the Dead
DeveloperSEGA AM1
ReleaseSeptember 3, 1998
GenreRail shooter

9. Quake

Quake is a legendary FPS game title that you must have heard of. This game competes with other game titles such as Half-Life and DOOM.

This old school PC game was developed by id Software and was released in 1996, then famous for being one of the best game engines called Quake Engine. So that the playing experience and visuals are better than other games in their era.

Developerid Software
PublisherGT Interactive
ReleaseJune 22, 1996
GenreFirst-person shooter

10. Deus Ex

Lastly, old school games for PC that ApkVenue recommends are Deus Ex which was famous in 2000. Deus Ex has a cyberpunk theme that is still rarely found in other games of its time.

So, it's no wonder that Deus Ex can be very famous and become a role model for games that come after it. Even got a nickname Best PC Game of All Time by PC Gamer in 2011.

Deus Ex has a sequel and a number of prequels made with a more modern engine, namely Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall (2013), and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

TitleDeus Ex
DeveloperIon Storm
PublisherEidos Interactive
ReleaseJune 17, 2000
GenreAction role-playing, first-person shooter, stealth

That's the legendary and best old PC game of its era that you can play for nostalgia in your spare time due to quarantine.

This list does not completely cover all the legendary old school games, what other games do you think deserves to be on the list? Write your answer in the comments column and don't forget to like if you liked this article. See you in the next article!

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