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how to permanently delete instagram account on mobile & pc

How to delete an Instagram (IG) account permanently & temporarily, depending on your needs. An effective solution to take a break from a toxic environment !

Frequently opening social media applications, makes some people look for ways to delete their IG (Instagram) accounts. Apparently, they want to take a break from opening Instagram every day.

Instagram really be one the most popular and widely used social media. No wonder considering the increasing number of interesting features presented in this application.

It's just that, over time, IG not only presents a myriad of benefits for its users, but also in various forms toxic, specifically wealth show and privileges which causes envy and envy.

Therefore, many users are starting to think about looking for how to deactivate the latest version of Instagram/IG. For some people, the act of deleting an IG account sounds quite extreme, but sometimes people want to be excluded from the frenetic world of social media.

If so, this time Jaka will tell you how to delete IG account permanently or temporarily disable. Both are equally beneficial for your mental health, really!

How to Delete Permanent and Temporary IG Accounts

For those of you who are tired of the many dramas on social media sites, this one option to delete your Instagram account permanently and temporarily can be detox which powerful.

With how to delete instagram account This way, you can be calmer and more focused on your real life, gathering energy to move forward and organize your life that has been distracted. later Your IG followers can increaselol!

Fortunately, Instagram provides the option to permanently and temporarily delete an Instagram account. This can also be an alternative to avoid cases IG account hack which is obviously very detrimental to you.

Here are some how to delete permanent IG account on cellphone or PC/laptop nor while the latest version 2020 what you can do.

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account

These tips are suitable for those of you who feel that Instagram is no longer cool, very disturbing to privacy, lots of content is not important, or other reasons that make you want to delete your IG account.

How to delete an Instagram account is not difficult, gang, but there are several steps that can be taken you have to do it sequentially so that it works. Of course you must know your login data, in particular e-mail and passwords.

Here Jaka gives two alias methods how to delete IG account permanently. The first is to delete via desktop or computer device, and the second is to delete the account in the application.

How to Delete IG Account via PC or Laptop

First, ApkVenue will share how to delete a permanent IG account on a PC or laptop. To do so is quite easy, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Go to site // to start the step delete IG.

  • Step 2 - Choose Managing Your Account to continue deactivating Instagram.

  • Step 3 - Continue by selecting Delete Your Account because here you will see a choice of ways deactive IG.
  • Step 4 - From the two available options, select How do I delete my account?.
  • Step 5 - From the available options, select the number one option which contains Page Deleting Your Account.
  • Step 6 - Choose one of the reasons why you want to delete your Instagram account.
  • Step 7 - As a final step in closing Instagram account permanently, enter password or your Instagram account password. Click Permanently delete my account and say goodbye to your Instagram account.

With this you have succeeded in permanently deleting your Instagram/IG account, and congratulations on your peace of mind with your daily life.

Remember, gang, this method actually deletes the account you created earlier so think carefully before you decide to use this method of deleting an IG account.

How to Delete IG Account on HP

After knowing the method of using a computer or laptop, now it's Jaka's turn to explain how how to delete instagram account you use a smartphone or via mobile.

How to delete a permanent IG account on this cellphone is not difficult, gang. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 - Open the Instagram application on your smartphone. Log in to your Instagram profile. choose three lines icon which is on the top right. Then select menu Settings.
  • Step 2 - Select menu Help, and after a new window opens select Help Center in this menu, how to delete an Instagram account will then be done.
  • Step 3 - Next, you will be-direct to the site choose Managing Your Account.
  • Step 4 - Choose Delete Your Account to disable Instagram permanently via your cellphone.
  • Step 5 - Choose How do I delete my account? because this is where the menu on how to delete an Instagram account will be continued.
  • Step 6 - Choose the number one option which contains Page Deleting Your Account.
  • Step 7 - Choose one of the reasons why you want to delete your Instagram account.
  • Step 8 - As a final step, enter password or your Instagram account password. choose Delete my account permanently while also saying goodbye to the account.

Oh yes, in addition to deleting Instagram accounts, you can also find out who has seen and saved our Instagram photos.

Again, let me remind you, this gang how to delete Instagram will permanently delete your account, and automatically the previously saved data will be lost.

For those of you who are just too late, you can follow this method for temporarily deleting an IG account below.

How to Delete an IG Account Forgot Password and Email

You want to permanently delete your Instagram account, but you I don't remember my IG password you because you're used to it login automatically? Don't worry, you can still do it, gang.

Usually this method is also done for those of you who are very frequent change IG account passwords for reasons of personal safety.

It's just you it is necessary toreset the password you used first, then repeat the steps that ApkVenue has explained in the previous section.

Here are the steps you can take to disable an Instagram account that forgot the password.

  • Step 1 - Open page // through the browser that you use both on your cellphone and on your PC.

  • Step 2 - Click option Forgot password, to open the next page that contains the option to delete the Instagram account.

  • Step 3 - Enter email address, username, or your mobile number for further instructions on how to delete an Instagram account.
  • Step 4 - You will get an email from Instagram toreset password and can then be used to delete the IG account. Open this link in the email you received.
  • Step 5 - Follow the next instructions to complete this process.

After you have completed these steps, you can immediately delete your IG account via the web or mobile in the ways that ApkVenue has shared before.

How to Delete Temporary IG Account (Deactivate Account)

Jaka has given you two powerful methods to permanently delete an Instagram account, and if it's ready, you can immediately practice it.

For you who still half or just want to take a break from the world of Instagram, ApkVenue recommends not deleting it permanently.

You can delete temporarily aka deactivate the IG account and then you can reactivate it whenever you want. Moreover, you can search the latest IG filters that are fun and hilarious!

Curious about how to temporarily deactivate an IG account? Just follow the steps below!

Steps on How to Temporarily Disable Instagram

  • Step 1 - Open Instagram from browser on your smartphone or other device that you use, then log into your Instagram account.
  • Step 2 - After entering the homepage, select menu profile by pressing the account in the bottom right. Continue by selecting Edit Profile.
  • Step 3 - In the Edit Profile menu, select Temporarily deactivate my account which is located at the bottom right.

Next you need to fill in the reason you want to deactivate the account and re-enter password Instagram. If so, select Account Temporarily Disabled and your account will be temporarily deleted.

Those are some alias methods how to delete IG account permanently, along with an alternative to temporarily deactivating it.

Indeed, Instagram has various advantages, but if you feel bored and uncomfortable, you can also take a break from this one social media.

Are you having fun playing Instagram? Find out various fun tips and tricks about Instagram in the JalanTikus articles. For those of you who don't feel at home, congratulations on deleting your account and leaving the world of Instagram.

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