how to play dota 2 without internet connection

To make playing Dota 2 even more exciting, you can play it with your friends. Can play together without an internet connection again. Here's how.

Who does not know this one game? Almost all teenagers play this game. But, is skills you are ripe to play DotA 2? Well, maybe the right way is to play it in a state offline, and to make it more fun you can play it with your friends.

But, can you play together without an internet connection? Well, see how the following!

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How to Play DotA 2 Without an Internet Connection

Check the IP address that will be used as a server

  • Make sure Servers and Client (your friends who want to play together) are connected to WiFi or a network on the same device. Here I am using the hotspot on my phone.

  • Then on the Server. Open CMD by pressing Windows logo + R on keyboard.

  • After that type cmd on column Run.

  • On the cmd menu type ipconfig to see the IP Address on the Server.

  • Many IP addresses appear. How to find the right IP Address is to choose what server is connected. Here I use Wireless TP Link by connecting to the hotspot on the cellphone.

  • After that, write down the IP address on the server for your friends to connect to the server.


  • Make sure Steam and Dota 2 is already installed on the computer and is not connected to the internet.

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  • Open the Steam app.

  • After appearing Steam Login, make sure you've been login on that computer.

  • Then fill in the Username with your Steam account and password free to walk in Offline Mode.

  • Appear Connection Error choose Start in offline mode.

  • After the Steam main screen appears. Right click on Dota 2 then Properties.

  • In Dota 2 Properties. Click on Set Launch Options.

  • On Launch Options. Type -console so you can use the features Console on DotA 2.

  • After that go to the main Steam screen then Play DotA 2.

  • Here is how DotA 2 looks in mode offline.

  • Already entered the main screen DotA 2. Press the '\' key to open the Console and create a new Server.

  • Type in the Console column 'sv_lan 1' to open LAN access.

  • Type again in the Console column dota_bot_set_difficulty 4 to set the AI ​​difficulty level


  • Unfair
  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Easy

    • Type again in the Console column dota_heropicker_ap_select_time 150 to set the time before the start of the game.


The function above is to set how long we choose the Hero before the game starts (in seconds). So, number 150 it's the same as 2 minutes 30 seconds yes!

  • Type again in the Console column DotA map to start Server.

  • The DotA 2 background will turn black. So, wait until you see the image.

  • Still in Console. When the image appears, type it in the Console field joint team bad to choose Team Director.


You can choose 2 teams, namely Team Director and Radiant Team in a way, namely:

  • joint team bad for Team Director
  • joint team good for the Radiant Team
  • joint team spec to become a Spectator

    • Then after the stage of choosing a team, a selection will appear hero which will be used.

    • Make sure all your friends who are playing with you have entered the server you created before the Hero selection time runs out. If the Hero selection time runs out. You won't be able to make AI enter the game. Forced you have to repeat it from step DotA map.


The way so that your friends can enter the Server is by opening the Console and then typing connect SERVER IP ADDRESS then Enter.

  • After all your friends enter. In the Console column, type dota_start_ai_game 1 to get all the AI ​​into the game.

  • Now, now you just play ok!

Maybe at first you try this method it will feel very difficult and confused, but if you keep trying it will definitely work. Good luck and good luck!

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