7 real-time-strategy android games that you can play without internet (offline)

There are various RTS games that ApkVenue knows, but this time Jaka will share some games that bring exciting and interesting gameplay that can be played offline.

What does actually mean? RTS games? RTS stands for Real Time Strategy, which is definitely a game war strategy theme. At times like this, most cool games have to be played with Internet connection, it's very rare to play games with gameplay The best and most interesting can be played offline.

There are various RTS games that ApkVenue knows, but this time Jaka will only share a few games that bring exciting and interesting gameplay. Even though what ApkVenue will review is a superior game, that doesn't mean it requires a game smartphone with high specifications how come, you can still change it on a low-spec smartphone though. Surely you want to download it right? Check out Jaka's review first!

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7 Android Offline RTS Games With The Best Gameplay

1. Auralux

Here, a super fun game that you must play. Auralux is an RTS game that offers simple graphics, but carries very fun missions. You will be solar energy controller, well that ray of light that you have to send to all the stars in outer space. Don't be underestimated! Although simple, the mission requires the right strategy.

2. Templar Battleforce

Templar Battleforce also very fun to play. At the time of its initial release, this game always received good comments from gamers around the world. Because it's so much fun, this game get the number of downloads up to tens of millions and this is only the number of downloaders from Indonesia, not including from other countries.

3. Empires And Allies

Empires And Allies Initially present on PC devices, but later released Android and iOS versions. This game can also multiplayer where all players can gather to attack each other. This is what makes it very unique so it is very fun to play.

4. Fantasy War Tactics

no less cool, Fantasy War Tactics you really have to download it. The reason is, by bringing advanced and built-in graphics anime animation style, this game is a strategy genre turn based, which is very similar to a game Final Fantasy.

5. Warlords RTS: Strategy Game

Want a different sensation? You can try playing the game Warlord, RTS genre which has been combined with RPG. The missions are quite interesting, you will be invited to build a stronghold, attack the enemy, lead, or survive. Sure, regret it if you don't download it.

6. XCOM Enemy Within

Here's another cool game, namely XCOM Enemy Within which is one of the best war games right now. This game is honestly not much different from some of the games above because you're welcome RTS. So that's roughly the mission that will be brought by this game. It's just this game played more often, maybe because the existing graphics and gameplay look more possible.

7. Plants War

In order for you to win this game, you are required to use the right strategy. The gameplay can be said to be very exciting, while the graphics are also quite good. Just games Plants War This is according to Jaka a little more difficult compared to the six games that ApkVenue mentioned earlier. Because if you lose, you have to have to start over from the beginning again.

That's Jaka's review of 7 Android offline RTS games with the best gameplay. If you are bored with RPG games or other genres, then you can try one of the 7 RTS games above.

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