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like naruto? these are the 7 best anime like naruto that you must watch

The Naruto anime is already over, but you can still feel the excitement of this anime by watching the 7 best anime like Naruto

Who doesn't know Naruto? Anime based on manga by Masashi Kishimoto This was first broadcast in 2002 ago.

Tells the story of a Ninja who has a soul Kyuubi in his body. Because of the demon sealed within his body, he was shunned by all the villagers of Konoha.

Even so, Naruto's cheerfulness and enthusiasm in achieving his dream of becoming a Hokage never goes out. He also tries to find his true identity and strength.

7 Best Anime Similar to Naruto You Must Watch

Unfortunately, the Naruto anime is now over, gang. If you are a loyal Naruto fan, maybe you will watch Boruto as a continuation of the Naruto story.

In this article, ApkVenue will tell you some of the best anime whose stories can be said to be similar to Naruto, gang.

The resemblance that Jaka means here does not mean that it has to be ninja-themed, have the Kyuubi and fight for the Hokage position, gang.

The similarity that Jaka means is on the side of the story in general terms! Like struggle, persistence, until the concept from nothing to something.

Instead of you dying looking for a replacement for Naruto, it's better to just check the following Jaka article, well. Check it out!

1. One Piece (1999)

One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and anime series in history. Just imagine, it's been more than 900 episodes, this anime isn't over yet.

Tell Luffy and his friends who formed a group of Straw Hat pirates to hunt for a legendary treasure called One Piece.

If you like Naruto, you are guaranteed to like this anime, gang. The reason is, One Piece also tells the struggle of Luffy who is a nobody to become one of the strongest pirates in the world.

DetailsOne Piece
Rating8.63 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes909 Episodes
Release DateOctober 20, 1999
StudioToei Animation
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

2. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime based on the concept of 7 main sins in ancient European culture. This anime is now over, but the fun in it never ends.

Tells the story of 7 criminals, each of which represents one of the 7 main sins that exist. Those who were separated must finally reunite to save the world.

This anime doesn't just tell about exciting and epic battles, gang. Although a little perverted, this anime tells the story of a thick friendship like Naruto.

DetailsThe Seven Deadly Sins
Rating8.17 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
Release Date5 October 2014 - 29 March 2019
StudioA-1 Pictures
GenreAction, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Supernatural

3. Fairy Tail (2009)

If you really like anime with the theme of friendship like Naruto, I think you are suitable to watch the anime titled Fairy Tail this.

Tell Lucy Heartfillia who longed to join the guild of powerful magicians named Fairy Tail. After he managed to enter, the guild was in big trouble.

Even though it doesn't bring up much physical combat like Naruto, Fairy Tail presents us with really cool magic battles. You must watch it!

DetailsFairy Tail
Rating7.95 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes175 Episodes
Release Date12 October 2009 - 30 March 2013
StudioSatelight, A-1 Pictures
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

4. Bleach (2004)

Similar to the Death Note anime, the anime titled Bleach also raised the theme of the God of Death or the Japanese language, Shinigami.

Ichigo is a student who has the ability to see supernatural things. Due to an incident, Ichigo gains the power of a Shinigami named Rukia.

From there, Ichigo then fought to eradicate Hollow who roam to prey on human souls. Ichigo is slowly getting stronger like Naruto, gang.

Rating7.95 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes366 Episodes
Release DateOctober 5, 2004 - March 27, 2012
StudioStudio Pierrot
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Super Power, Supernatural, Shounen

5. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

This is Jaka's favorite anime as a child, gang. Hunter x Hunter has 2 versions, namely the original version that aired in the '90s and the remake version in 2011.

Tell Gon, a little boy who has a dream to become a Hunter professional. He took various Hunter exams while looking for his father.

If examined, the story is very similar to Naruto, yes, gang. Even though Naruto's father had died, he was still able to meet his father's spirit against Madara.

DetailsHunter x Hunter
Rating9.11 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes148 Episodes
Release Date2 October 2011 - 24 September 2014
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power

6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

If you want to find the best anime series of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the answer. This anime is also one of Jaka's favorites, you know.

Tells about 2 brothers named Edward & Alphonse who committed the taboo in alchemy, namely resurrecting his mother. They also accept the consequences are very fatal.

As an adult, Edward who is a genius State Alchemist travels around the world with his younger brother, Alphonse to find a way to atone for his sins.

DetailsFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Rating9.23 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes64 Episodes
Release Date5 April 2009 - 4 July 2010
GenreAction, Military, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

7. Dragon Ball (1986)

Among all the anime on this list, Dragon Ball is the oldest anime, gang. There would be no anime called Naruto if Dragon Ball had never been created.

Tells the story of a boy from the Saiyan planet named Son Goku sent to earth. Goku explores the world in search of 7 Dragon Balls which are claimed to grant 1 wish of their owner.

As the anime that inspired Naruto, don't be surprised if there are so many similarities between these two anime. In fact, there are a lot of Dragon Ball easter eggs in the Naruto anime.

DetailsDragon Ball
Rating8.12 (myanimelist.com)
Number of Episodes153 Episodes
Release Date26 February 1986 - 12 April 1989
StudioToei Animation
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power

That's Jaka's article about the 7 best anime that you must watch if you like Naruto. The seven anime above have a similar story, you know.

See you in another Jaka article, gang!

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