want to know how to open an internet cafe with a capital of 2 million?

The capital that Jaka spends on his own is small, only IDR 2 million! Want to know how to open an internet cafe with a capital of 2 million?

Along with the demands of what is called the economy, sometimes it forces us who are already working to have a side business. The choice of side business itself is quite diverse. Examples could be services laundry, internet cafes, and others.

Because Jaka has expertise in technology, of course he will choose a business related to technology as well. So Jaka chose to open an internet cafe business, and the capital that Jaka spent himself was small, just IDR 2 million! Want to know how to open an internet cafe with a capital of 2 million?

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Get to know the concept of an internet cafe with a capital of 2 million

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Before we open a small cafe business, it helps us understand first how the concept is. Well this cafe itself is an abbreviation of Internet cafes. As the name implies, it means a place that sells the Internet unlimited.

Usually, internet cafes don't only sell internet unlimited Of course, without us knowing it, he also rents out his computer for use. But after all, the main point of the internet cafe is selling the Internet unlimited.

How to Open a Warnet Business Capital 2 Million

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Then how to open a cafe business with a capital of 2 million? It's easy, that is, by only really selling the Internet unlimited just. Do not rent space and computers for customers to use. This concept itself is commonly known as RT RW net.

RT RW net is basically the same as an internet cafe, that is, they both sell the Internet unlimited to its customers. The difference here is that RT RW net sells internet unlimitedvia the wireless network. In contrast to the cafe where the owner must prepare a PC and a place.

Preparation for Opening a RT RW Net Business

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Now you know that there is actually an easier way to sell on the Internet unlimited. You don't need to bother preparing PCs and places anymore, just sell them via a wireless network. One example is the cable network itself WiFi.

For anything that would need to be prepared, you can listen to it as follows.

  • Outdoor WiFi, yes Mikrotik or UBNT Bullet. Price range IDR 1 million.
  • LAN Cable and others to taste. Price range Rp500 thousand.
  • The main internet line, can Astinet or class. Price range Rp500 thousand.

With you set up some of these tools, it's enough to start selling on the Internet unlimited. Configure according to the guide, and you're done. Now you have opened a small cafe business with only capital IDR 2 million.

So that's just how to open a small internet cafe business with a capital of only Rp. 2 million. Hopefully this information can be useful. Oh yes, if you experience problems, leave them in the comments column. Jaka will try to help provide a solution. Good luck and thank you.

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